ColorOS 13 Enlarge folder Feature
ColorOS 13 Enlarge folder Feature

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Have you ever found yourself feverishly scrolling through your phone, looking for an app that you assumed was right there? This is an all-too-common dilemma in the modern era, especially when there is an app for almost anything available from app shops like the AppGallery.

It’s so easy to download a bunch of apps and scatter them about your home screen that you lose track of which ones you have. This has an effect on our productivity in addition to eating up storage and creating a cluttered, unsightly home screen. So, how about we try to store them more efficiently?

OPPO’s all-new ColorOS 13 is here with With the goal to make life easier, ColorOS 13 introduces Enlarge folder. This game-changing feature keeps your home screen clear and organized, helping you to navigate it more easily – read on to find out more setting up for success.

It may be a minor feature, but do not underestimate the potential of Enlarge Folders to bring logical, aesthetic, and productive upgrades to the user experience.

An Enlarge Folder separates your apps into categories on your homepage but retains the ability to tap-to-open individual apps. This takes the advantage of traditional folders to keep your home screen clean, as well as supporting quick access.

How to use ColorOS 13 Enlarge folder Feature

ColorOS 13 Enlarge folder Feature

How to Use ColorOS 13 Enlarge folder Feature

ColorOS 13 Enlarge folder Feature is effortless. All you need to do is long-press a pre-existing folder on the home page, and then choose Enlarge Folder from the pop-up menu. To change an Enlarge Folder back into a traditional folder, access the menu in the same way.


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