How to unlock bootloader on Realme Narzo 60 Series

How to unlock bootloader on Realme Narzo 60 Series

The Android bootloader is a program that, upon powering on or restarting the device, loads the Android operating system kernel into the RAM. It loads the operating system kernel and initializes and sets up the hardware components as the first program to run when the device is powered on.

It is the bootloader’s job to check for tampering or modifications to the operating system before loading it into memory. Users can access the device’s recovery mode through it and perform diagnostic and maintenance tasks.

Another common use for the bootloader is unlocking the device’s bootloader, which lets users make changes to the firmware, such as installing custom ROMs or kernels. The warranty and security of the device are both jeopardized when the bootloader is unlocked.

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Here is the Steps to unlock bootloader on Realme Narzo 60

Submit unlock Application:

  • download install unlock app on your device
  • Install and enable VPN client
  • Run unlock app and follow on Screen Instructions to obtain unlock Permission..

Unlock Bootloader:

1. Enable Developer Option From Settings, To Enable the Developer Option, Go to your Settings -> About -> Software Information -> More -> Now Tap on the Build Number 7-8 Times until you see a toast message “Developer option enabled

2. Go back to settings -> Now you need to enable USB Debugging by going to Settings -> Developer Option and USB Debugging and oem unlock.

3. Download and extract provided platform tools on your pc.

4. Now Reboot Your Phone to Fastboot Mod by holding Power and volume down button. When You see fastboot Logo Then connect it to PC.

5. Now go to the folder where you have extracted the Platform tools and CTRL+Right click and select open CMD here

6. Now type below Code to unlock bootloader

fastboot flashing unlock

7. on phone  confirm unlock warning by Pressing volume up key

8. reboot system

fastboot reboot

9. Now Your Phone successfully unlocked!



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