How to unbrick Redmi K70 Pro

How to unbrick Redmi K70 Pro

If your Redmi K70 Pro gets bricked, it won’t turn on and won’t work properly. Incompatible custom ROM installations, firmware updates gone wrong, or any number of other software issues can lead to bricking. If you have the right tools and know-how, though, you can get your Redmi K70 Pro functioning like new again. right now If your Redmi K70 Pro has become unresponsive, this tutorial will show you how to fix the problem.

Unbricking is the process of repairing a device that was bricked. In the Redmi K70 Pro, users face two types of brick: soft brick and hard brick.

Soft brick: in this stage, the device is stuck or freezes on the boot logo or animation due to any software or firmware issue.

Hard brick: in this stage, the device completely goes dead and does not show any sign of boot, for example, a logo or animation, or even a fastboot or recovery mod. It shows only the 9008 USB COM driver or device when we connect it to the computer.

Steps to unbrick Xiaomi Redmi K70 Pro

  • Download and Install the Xiaomi driver on your computer
  • Download Extract & Install MI Flash
  • Download latest Xiaomi Redmi K70 Pro Firmware & extract it
  • Run MI Flash
  • Click ‘browse” & Select Extracted extracted ROM folder
  • Plug the phone to computer in EDL Mod or fastboot mod (Volume up down + usb, if not work then you have to short test Point)
  • Click ‘REFRESH‘ to detect usb Port
  • Click ‘FLASH’
  • a login popup will open, login with your Mi service Center ID
  • Wait until success. once done, disconnect device & switch it ON



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