How to unbrick Realme GT Master Edition via Emergency Download Mode (EDL)

To unbrick Realme GT Master Edition is a process to repair a device that was bricked, within Realme GT Master Edition users face two types of brick- soft brick and hard brick.

so if your Realme GT Master Edition have any soft or hard brick issues then you can fix them by following the below Instructions.

Requirements to unbrick Realme GT Master Edition

Steps to unbrick Realme GT Master Edition

  • Extract Firmware & ROM2box
  • extract ofp using rom2box or command lines
  • Install qcom 9008 USB driver on your computer
  • run ROM2box.exe
  • put Phone to recovery mod, Insert USB cable, multiple times press recovery version from the popup select OK
  • Go to oppo/New tab & select Realme GT Master Edition
  • Click the ‘Connect Loader‘ button (Make sure USB Port is available in the Port detector)
  • once done go to the bottom firmware flasher
  • under firmware, the flasher locates the Main firmware Images folder
  • Click the ‘Download’ button, and wait until the success
  • once done, press all three buttons until the device restarts.. done


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