How to Take Screenshot On OxygenOS 13.1 (3 Methods)

OxygenOS 13.1, based on Android 13, was officially released by OnePlus in April. The update adds a number of personalization options and a handful of new features. This article discusses three methods for capturing a screenshot on a device running OxygenOS 13.1.

OxygenOS 13.1 Offers You To Take a Screenshot In Three Ways On Your OnePlus Smartphone.

  • Three-Finger Swipes Down: It allows you to swipe down with three fingers to take a Screenshot.
  • Scrolling Screenshot: This option lets you take a scrolling screenshot by touch and hold it with three fingers, and swipe to the bottom edge.
  • Power and Volume Down Buttons: This is a normal function to take a Screenshot by long pressing the Power and Volume buttons simultaneously.

OnePlus Partial Screenshot

The OnePlus devices come equipped with an incredible feature called Partial Screenshot that enables the user to capture only a portion of the normal screenshot taken on their device’s screen. You have the ability to take a screenshot of any part of your screen using a variety of different shapes, such as a rectangle, an ellipse, or the freeform option.

  • Rectangle: You can take a rectangle screenshot by Dragging to select an area.
  • Ellipse: Durg to select an elliptical area.
  • Freeform; Trace the region that you want to capture.

How To Turn On Three Ways To Take Screenshots On Your OnePlus Device:

  • Go to Settings on your device
  • Scroll down and tap on Additional Settings
  • Select the Screenshot
  • From here, turn ON the following toggle:
    • 3-finger swipe down
    • 3-finger touch and hold
    • Power and Volume Down buttons

Customize Screenshot Functions:

  • Preview Screenshot Window Location: You can choose the Left and Right locations for preview; by default, it comes with the Left location on your device.
  • Screenshot Sound: You can turn on and turn off the Screenshot sound according to your choice. By toggle ON/OFF
  • Delete Original Image After Editing: By toggling ON/OFF.
  • Sound Notification: By toggling ON/OFF.



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