How To Stop Over-Heating & Battery Drains Issues On OnePlus

This strategy can also decrease battery life when your smartphone is really old and gets fresh updates with new features, which can be annoying.

Don’t be alarmed if your OnePlus phone’s battery is depleting more quickly than usual. We’re giving you a guide regarding the causes of the battery draining on OnePlus phones in this article, along with instructions on how to remedy it.

Reasons For Heating & Battery Drains Issues on Oneplus:

  1. If you are in a remote or weak signal environment, ensure relative signal stability. The handset will increase the transmitted power to receive a better signal, which will drain the battery faster, which is a normal phenomenon.
  2. Bluetooth, WIFI, GPS, and the camera have been open for a long time.
  3. If your device is not running the most recent operating system version,
  4. if any third-party app is open in the background.
  5. If your device is rooted
  6. If you run your device in high-power consumption scenarios, such as setting the phone to maximum brightness, playing games, watching high-definition videos, and shooting HD videos for long periods, it will cause the CPU to run at a higher frequency.

Note: All of the above cause heating and battery drain issues.

How To Fix Heating & Battery Drains Issues on Oneplus:

Enable Power Saving Mode:

  • Navigation to Settings
  • Click on the Battery
  • Click on the Power saving mode
  • Click on Power Mode and turn it On/Off.

Other Solution For Fix Heating And Battery Drains Issues on Oneplus:

  • Go to Settings>> Display >>Turn on the Auto-Brightness toggle.
  • Enter into Settings >> Turn off GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Go to Settings >> Search below features and turn ON/OFF the following options:
  • Turn Off Always On Display
  • Turn off High-performance mode
  • Disable background running
  • Turn off the 5G network
  • Turn off the Personal hotspot
  • Change auto screen-off time to 30 s
  • Turn off power-draining apps
  • Disable auto-launches of power-draining apps
  • Change screen refresh rate to 60 Hz
  • Turn off the horizon light
  • Prevent notifications from waking the screen
  • Turn On Dark Mode




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