How to Split Screen on Google Pixel Fold

The Google Pixel Fold is Google’s first foldable phone. Foldable phones provide multitasking and immersive entertainment on larger screens. Split-screen multitasking comes to mind. How to split screen on Pixel Fold.

Google knew where to focus since foldables are already successful. Google did most things right, but the Pixel Fold needs numerous enhancements that we may expect in future devices. However, the software section performed well. Pixel Fold multitasks easily.

The Pixel Fold is the first phone in its series, so many consumers may not be familiar with its controls. Let’s start with a Split Screen tutorial since foldable smartphones are great for multitasking.

The Split Screen feature allows users to separate the screen view into two halves, and in each half users can open an app. This enables users to simultaneously use two apps, taking advantage of the ample space provided by the large screen on foldable devices.


While many regular phones can also open two apps simultaneously, the limited screen size makes it impractical and reduces efficiency rather than improving it.

How to Use Split Screen on Pixel Fold

If you want to open two apps side by side on your Pixel Fold, you can follow the steps given below. This feature is called split screen as highlighted above. Let’s jump into the guide.

  • Step 1: Open an app that you want to use in the Split Screen mode.
How to Split Screen on Google Pixel Fold
  • Step 2: After opening the first app, slowly swipe up from the bottom bar to bring Taskbar.
How to Split Screen on Google Pixel Fold
  • Step 3: Now touch and hold the second app icon and place it either on the right or left side of the display. If the app icon is not present in the taskbar, tap the App Drawer icon on the left. You can drag and drop an app from the app drawer.
How to Split Screen on Google Pixel Fold
  • Step 4: This will open the second app in half screen and the first app will also be adjusted accordingly.

Instead of drag and drop you can also use other available options to open the second app without closing the first app. Here is another way:

Touch and hold the app icon and it will show an option for the Split Screen. Tap on it and the device will open the app in half part of the screen.

Useful Tip: If you wish to switch the positions of both apps, such as moving the app from the right side to the left side, you can accomplish this by double-tapping on the black bar in the middle that separates the two apps.

How to Split Screen on Google Pixel Fold

How to Resize the Split Screen on Pixel Fold

If you wish to resize the split screen mode according to your needs, you can easily do so. This is particularly useful when you want to allocate more screen space to one app while allowing the other app to occupy a smaller portion. Resizing the split screen is a straightforward process.

How to Split Screen on Google Pixel Fold

Ensure that both apps are open on the split screen. Then, simply drag the black bar located in the middle to the desired location. For instance, you can shift the bar slightly to the right or left based on the amount of space you wish to allocate to each app.

How to Exit Split Screen on Pixel Fold

Once your work is done in the split screen mode, you need to exit it. So how to do that? This one is also quite simple.

How to Split Screen on Google Pixel Fold

To exit the split screen, drag the separator or black bar to the end of the display either on the left or right side. If you want to keep the app that is open on the left then drag it to the right, or if you want to keep the right app open, then drag the separator to the left end.



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