How To Sign Up For ColorOS Beta Testing Program

How To Sign Up For ColorOS Beta Testing Program

Most flagship smartphones have now received the stable ColorOS 13 update based on Android 13. Meanwhile, some OPPO mid-range smartphone users in eligible countries are receiving the OxygenOS 13 beta update. So, here are some easy steps to get the ColorOS 13 beta update on your device. To experience the new ColorOS 13 update, follow the steps below.

ColorOS 13

OPPO released its latestĀ Android 13-based OS, ColorOS 13Ā user interface, which features a new Aquamorphic design for a fluid and comfortable visual experience and an intuitive user interface. In addition, it includes some significant additions toĀ Android 13Ā overall.

What Is The ColorOS Beta Program:

TheĀ ColorOS beta programĀ is a process of adapting the upcoming operating system, with a limited number of users allowed to join. There may be some bugs in thisĀ beta update.

How To Sign Up For ColorOS Beta Testing Program?

Step 1: Prerequisite

  • Make sure your device is up to date with the latest possibleĀ version. For example, OPPO F21s Pro 5G; itā€™s with ColorOS 12.1Ā A.02/A.03/A.04/A.05
  • To Check the Prerequisite: Navigation toĀ SettingsĀ >Ā About deviceĀ > tap onĀ Up to dateĀ > which will show the latest version of ColorOS installed on yourĀ OPPO device.

Step 2: Signing up for the ColorOS 13 Beta update

  • On theĀ Up-to-date profile
  • Ton theĀ three dotsĀ at the top right corner
  • Tap on ā€œBeta program.ā€

Step 3: Applying for the ColorOS 13 Beta update

  • If your device and country are eligible for the ā€œBetaā€ program for your device, you will find the ā€œBetaā€ under theĀ Beta programĀ option and just tap on it.

Step 4: Apply now

  • Please read the Beta Application notice and, finally, tap on the option ā€œApply Now.ā€


  • Kindly remember that applying for beta updates does not guarantee that you will receive beta updates.
  • Moreover, theĀ ColorOS beta programĀ can have unexpected effects on your phone and affect daily life.
  • Please back up important data to prevent any data loss.

How To Install ColorOS 13 Beta Update:

You will receive thisĀ updateĀ within five working days of the successful submission of your application; You can check for the update by going to your deviceā€™sĀ SettingsĀ >Ā About deviceĀ >Ā Up to date > Download now.


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