How To Show iOS 17 Battery Percentage On iPhone

Apple unveiled iOS 17, which includes many new and exciting features and improvements, at WWDC 2023. You can make your phone calls more unique by using Contact posters, iMessage, and FaceTime have all been improved, you can watch the most important information at a glance in full-screen mode with Standby, there are new and interactive widgets, you can trade phone numbers with the help of AirDrop, you can keep a better and more private journal and more.

One of the many handy new additions to iOS 17 is the ability to see how much battery life is left. Despite the fact that the percentage of battery life left on your iPhone is clearly displayed in the status bar. Interestingly, with the latest iOS 17, users can monitor the charge of their iPhone and other connected devices, such as AirPods, by adding a widget to their home screen.

According to the data, only the iPhone X and the iPhone SE had access to the show battery percentage feature. When you open the control center by swiping down from the home screen, all you can do is check the battery life. However, with the most recent iPhone models running iOS 17, the battery icon at the top now displays a percentage stat. This makes it simple to find out how much juice your iPhone still has.

How To Show iOS 17 Battery Percentage On iPhone

How to show the battery percentage on an iPhone? 

Keep in mind that the iPhone’s battery percentage is displayed inside the battery icon on the status bar if Face ID has been activated. Now, with iOS 17, there are only a few taps and swipes required to check your iPhone’s battery life:

  • Just go to Settings.
  • Then select the Battery option.
  • Now tap to turn on the Battery percentage toggle.


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