Focus is undoubtedly iOS 15’s most stunning feature. For some, it’s Apple’s version of the Do Not Disturb function. The new mode allows you to filter notifications based on what you’re doing. For example, if you’re working with Work Focus activated on your iPhone, you’ll get alerts from the apps you select while setting up the focus.

One of the best aspects of utilizing Focus mode is that it informs other people that you are working and will not be replying to them. To let others know about your attention state, you must enable the share focus status toggle on your iPhone.

What is Focus Mode?

Do Not Disturb Mode on Steroids is the new Focus Mode. Focus improves and expands on the legendary Do Not Disturb Mode. It allows users to contact certain persons while using a specific focus, and the same can be done with apps. You may also create custom home screen pages for different focus settings.

You may utilize several focus modes on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 15 or later. Driving, Fitness, Mindfulness, Reading, Gaming, Sleep, Personal, Work, and Do Not Disturb (DND) are among the options; you may even design your own unique focus if you want. If you haven’t utilized Focus Mode yet, here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to do so on your iPhone.

What is Share Focus Status on iPhone?

The Share Focus Status setting lets others know that you’ve hushed notifications, but it’s only available to Apple device owners. The functionality enables compatible apps to deliver a message to users explaining why you are not responding to a message. However, the other person has the option of sending you a message that you may check later or bypassing the focus in an emergency.

If you often use Focus mode, you might consider enabling Share Focus Status. There are several benefits to adopting Share Focus Status. Your contacts will understand why you aren’t replying to them. Because you are not doing it on purpose, you must inform them that you are merely busy and will react late. In the event of driving focus, you can utilize the auto-reply option in conjunction with Share Focus Status.

If you are a member of Apple’s ecosystem and own several Apple devices, you may share the focus as well as its settings, including Share Focus Status, to other Apple devices like as the Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac.

Now that you’re aware of the Focus Mode and Share Focus Status, let’s go over how to toggle on or off the share focus status on your iPhone. Navigate to the Focus Settings and then touch on the focus you wish to customize.

How to Share And Use Focus Status on iPhone

Depending on the emphasis, you may allow notifications for certain persons and apps. After these settings, you’ll notice a Focus Status settings option; touch on it. By default, Share Focus Status is enabled. If you’ve previously deactivated it and wish to enable it again, set the Share Focus Status toggle on.

How to Share And Use Focus Status on iPhone

As previously stated, when Share Focus Status is enabled, compatible applications will alert other users that your notifications have been quiet. Obviously, they won’t be able to view the Focus’s name or details, but they will have the option to Notify Anyway in the event of an emergency.

How to turn off Share Focus Status on iPhone for Contacts

Enabling the Share Focus Status will notify all contacts on your list that your notifications have been hushed, however, there is a technique to conceal the share focus status for certain contacts or persons. If you use iMessage, you may quickly toggle the attention state for certain contacts.

Open the Messages app on your iPhone, then press on the contact from whom you wish to conceal the focus status, then tap on the user’s name, and then turn off the Share Focus Status toggle.

How to Share And Use Focus Status on iPhone


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