How to Send Messages with Effects on iPhone

Using messages to communicate with known people is now common. We use various platforms for messaging. Sending Messages with Effects is a lot of fun from the sender to the receiver.

Every messaging app comes with some features, that allow communication between users with interesting add-ons.

Talking Messages on iPhone comes with a flurry of useful features including effects. Here’s how to send a message with effects on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

How to Send Messages with Effects on iPhone

  • Open Messages then open any chat and tap on iMessage, then write a message. Now tap and hold the blue send button to get to the effects page.
  • There are two categories of effects: Bubble effects and screen effects. And there are a number of effects to choose from.
  • After choosing the effect, simply tap the blue send button. Now your message will appear with animation on the receiver’s iPhone.


These effects work with both text messages and images. Images look cooler than text messages.

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