How to Root and Unlock Bootloader Nothing Phone 1
How to Root and Unlock Bootloader Nothing Phone 1

Nothing Phone 1 is a new mid-range smartphone that has recently hit the market. It is one of the most anticipated mid-range phones of all time. Glyph lights are so-called because of their innovative translucent design and LEDs. Because of its distinctive appearance, the phone seems high-end. If you have a Nothing Phone 1 and want to root it, here is the procedure for you. You will learn how to root Nothing Phone 1 and unlock its bootloader in this article.
The smartphone symmetry is comparable to the iPhone 12, and the screen is blended for a similar display style. Before we begin, let us quickly review its specs. The display of the Nothing Phone 1 is 6.55″ full HD+.

It has a refresh rate of 120Hz. A 50MP + 50MP back camera combination and a 16MP front camera are included. The phone also has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G+ CPU that has been optimized for the smartphone.

The glyph interface is its major draw. The backlights illuminate in response to the ringtone, wired and wireless charging, and other actions. However, manual tweaking of the glyph lighting is not accessible, so you must rely on the default setup. And, as of lately, Nothing published the kernel source for the gadget, implying that we may soon see some customizable programs for it. However, for these sorts of tweaks, you may need to root your phone.

How to Root and Unlock Bootloader Nothing Phone 1

The Nothing Phone 1 has capabilities for more than what the device ship with. But we have to wait for the custom developments which shouldn’t take much time considering the kernel source is now available. Although it can take time, you can root your device right away to enjoy root-level features and customizations. But to root Nothing Phone 1, first you need to unlock the bootloader of Nothing Phone 1. Let’s see how to unlock the bootloader

Unlock Bootloader of Nothing Phone 1

Just like other Android phones, Nothing Phone 1 also comes with a locked bootloader as one of the security features. It prevents users from modifying the device including writing to the system like rooting or installing custom ROMs. So if you planning for these modifications you need to unlock the bootloader of Nothing Phone 1. You can follow these steps to unlock the bootloader.

  1. Take a full backup or backup of important data on your Nothing Phone 1.
  2. This process will reset your phone. Open Settings on your Phone and open About Phone.
  3. Now go to the Software Info page and look for Build Number. Tap 7 times on it to enable Developer Options.
  4. Go back to Settings and then head to System > Developer Options.
  5. Scroll down a bit and you will find OEM Unlocking, enable it. Also, enable USB Debugging available in developer options.
  6. How to Root and Unlock Bootloader Nothing Phone 1
    How to Root and Unlock Bootloader Nothing Phone 1
    Install adb and fastboot drivers on your PC. You can also use the Platform SDK Folder if you have Mac, Linux, and also Windows.
  7. Now connect your phone to your PC and if it asks for USB Debugging authorization, tap Allow. And open command windows from the Platform tools location or open directly if you have installed adb drivers. Guide to open command window from specific location.
  8. Enter the below command to check if the device is connected or not. It will return the device id. 
  •   adb devices

9. Grant permission if there is any prompt on your phone. And then enter the command again to see if it is connected.

10. Now you need to enter your phone into bootloader mode. For that enter the below command.

  • adb reboot bootloader

11. From bootloader switch to Fastboot mode using volume buttons to navigate and power button to select. While in fastboot mode, enter the given command to unlock bootloader of Nothing Phone 1.

  • fastboot flashing unlock

12. Now you will get some options on your phone, navigate to unlock bootloader and press the power button.

13. It will unlock the bootloader and reset your phone. You can now reboot the system using options in bootloader mode.

So that’s all you have to do for unlocking the bootloader of Nothing Phone 1. And once the bootloader is unlocked you can now root your phone. But for rooting, you will need some files and apps mentioned in the prerequisites.


  • Take a backup of your phone
  • Install Magisk app on your phone
  • Download Nothing Phone 1 firmware (The same build your phone is running on)

Steps to Root Nothing Phone 1 with Magisk

  1. Extract boot.img from Nothing Phone 1 firmware and copy it to your phone.
  2. Open the Magisk app and click on the Install.
    How to Root and Unlock Bootloader Nothing Phone 1
    How to Root and Unlock Bootloader Nothing Phone 1
  3. Now choose ‘Select and Patch a File’ from the available options.
    How to Root and Unlock Bootloader Nothing Phone 1
    How to Root and Unlock Bootloader Nothing Phone 1
  4. Select the boot.img file that you copied earlier, and it will start patching the boot image.
  5. After patching the output file will be saved in the download folder with the name magisk_patched.img.
  6. Now copy the patched boot image and paste it to your computer in folder C:\adb (Copy it in the platform-tools folder if you are going to use the command window from there).
  7. Rename the patched file to boot. img.
  8. Reboot your Nothing Phone 1 to Fastboot mode and connect it to your computer. Follow the steps in the bootloader guide section.
    In the C:\adb folder (or platform-tools folder), type cmd in the location bar and press enter to open the command window on that location (full guide to open cmd from any location). Or locate these folders using the cd command (eg. cd C:/adb).
    How to Root and Unlock Bootloader Nothing Phone 1
  9. Enter the given command to flash the patched Magisk file and root Nothing Phone 1. If the location in the command window is not of the folder where the boot image is located then drag and drop boot. img after the fastboot flash boot command mentioned below.
    fastboot flash boot boot. img
  10. After flashing the patched boot image, reboot your phone. You can use the fastboot reboot command.
  11. Install the Magisk app if it’s not already installed. Now you will see Magisk installed which means your Nothing Phone 1 is rooted.

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