How to remove people from photo on Xiaomi Phones (also objects, shadows and more)

MIUI has all kinds of features. Its applications, especially the Gallery application that we find in practically any Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO, have a wide variety of functionalities that not only allow us to edit our photos but even remove people or objects from them.

The Gallery application allows us to remove people from practically any photo with the help of an AI. And no, we don’t need to be experts; the application literally does everything for us.

Using artificial intelligence, our Xiaomi is capable of detecting people in the photos, allowing us to delete them in a really simple way. In addition, it also allows us to eliminate objects, shadows, wiring, and all kinds of other elements that could spoil the harmony of our shot.

How to remove people from photo on Xiaomi Phones (also objects, shadows and more)

How to Remove People from a Photo with Your Xiaomi

Removing an object or a person from a photo is very easy with the MIUI Gallery app. To do this we just have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the photograph in question and click on the edit button
  2. Then click on the ” AI ” section and then ” Delete “
  3. Once inside the editor, we can select the type of element to delete, whether they are lines, people, or shadows.

By selecting a type of element to delete, the application itself will detect the object, person, or line, allowing you to click on it and then delete it. Based on artificial intelligence, the background will be filled according to the rest of the image.

It should be noted that if the application does not automatically detect the element, we can also delete it manually. Using the tool called “Manually,” we can remove the object by painting on it.


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