How to Make Use of Xiaomi MIUI 14's Magic Sky

One of the most well-known, intelligent, adaptable, dependable, and expensive smartphone makers in the world is Xiaomi. Xiaomi unveiled MIUI 14 with a number of new features, and this most recent version includes an array of improvements. Updates for MIUI 14 have been released recently; the Gallery application has seen multiple enhancements.

To maximize its potential, MIUI Gallery has been enhanced with the most recent version, turning it into a potent editing tool. In the same vein, MIUI 14’s more sophisticated and distinctive Magic Sky feature is another useful addition. The complete instructions for utilizing the Magic Sky feature on your Xiaomi smartphone running MIUI 14 can be found here.

The MIUI Magic Sky Feature:

Using the Magic Sky option in photo editing, you can alter the weather in the pictures you’ve taken. This function enhances your photos by analyzing them and producing exceptional ones. Numerous editing filters, such as sunny, evening, night, dynamic, and more, are included in the Magic Sky feature. There are four sub-filters in each filter: Bright, Clear Sky, Clear Day, and None. Along with this, you have the option to alter the image by including clouds, a trajectory, or even multiple fantasies..

Xiaomi MIUI 14 Magic Sky feature, here’s how to use it. 

Keep in mind that the MIUI versions and the devices may not have the same Magic Sky Feature. If your Xiaomi device is now running MIUI 14 on it, start altering it by using the advice below..

  • Head to the Gallery app.
  • Choose picture that you want to edit.
  • Select Edit.
  • Click on AI, followed by Sky.


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