How to Know and Flash Different types of Smartphone

Flash Different types of SmartphoneHow to Know and Flash Different types of Smartphone

I will discuss on my next post how to flash different types of smartphones which explains the uses of different types of Smartphone Flash Tools.

It included MediaTek, SpreadTrum, Qualcomm Snapdragon and other smartphones.

I will be bringing to you the how to know which flash tool is meant for my smartphone and how you can flash them.

That’s right. This is going to simple and straight.

There is an Android app which helps users in identifying the Socs and chipset in which their smartphone fells in.
The app is called CPU-Z. Once installed and opened, you will be seeing everything about your smartphone tab by tab.

Flash Different types of Smartphone

CPU-Z Apk for Android

You can download it from Play Store or download it here



1 How to know and Flash Different types of Smartphone
1.1 MediaTek
1.2 SpreadTrum Smartphone.
1.3 Qualcomm Snapdragons.
1.4 Other File Types.

How to know and Flash Different types of Smartphone

  • MediaTek
Flash Different types of Smartphone
Download Complete on Smartphone Flash Tool

Let’s start with MediaTek.

MediaTek Smartphones which in abbreviation is called MTK smartphones uses the flash Tool called SP Flash Tool. The complete name is Smartphone flash Tool.

Many smartphones of Today are powered by MediaTek. One thing is noted about MediaTek smartphones, They are cheap and also very reliable.

To Upgrade, flash and Restore them, you will need Smartphone Flash Tool

To flash with Smartphone flash Tool, The flash files must Contain some of the following.

  • APDB File.
  • Boot.img
  • Boot.verified.img
  • BPLGUInfoCustomAppSrcP
  • cache.img
  • lk.bin
  • lk-verified.bin
  • logo.bin
  • MT6XXX_Android_scatter.txt
  • preloader_gnbj6XXX_65c_l1.bin
  • ramdisk.img
  • ramdisk-recovery.img
  • secro.img
  • system.img
  • trustzone.bin

And some other data files that might be in mine. That’s Okay, You are good to go.

If your smartphone falls into that category, then, you are going to be needing an SP Flash Tool to flash your phone. For me, MediaTek is the easiest smartphone to flash Once you are flashing the right firmware for your smartphone.

SpreadTrum Smartphone.
Flashing SpreadTrum smartphones are also easy,, it depends on how your PC is driven and the communication between your PC and your phone.

Let us talk about SpreadTrum firmware and how to know you just downloaded one. One thing is common, It does with it brothers, just itself and its extension are in .PAC format.

For you to flash SpreadTrum Smartphone, all you will be needing is Spreadtrum Upgrade Downgrade Tool.
Flash Different types of Smartphone

Green Bar on Spreadtrum Upgrade Tool
  • Qualcomm Snapdragons.

The god of smartphone Socs, Yes, That’s right, Almost half of all High-End Smartphone is powered and running on Qualcomm Snapdragon Socs.

If you use one of those, you are there. Okay, Let me just tell you how to flash them

To flash Qualcomm Snapdragon smartphone, you are going to need Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL).

Flash Different types of Smartphone

Click Download Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL)

It is simple if you follow it properly.

  • Other File Types.

Because of firmware dumping variations, Firmware file formats may differ. Due to decompressing access, I might not be sure of the file type and because of that, I have provided a different method by which you can flash much firmware of different chips. Kindly indicate if yours is missing.One of them is .CPB Files, It normally comes from the manufacturer of the smartphone. The phone might be Qualcomm, MediaTek or Spreadtrum but the firmware file will be in .CPB, inside that CPB File, lies the actual firmware files for your smartphone, I will be providing very soon how to extract those files and make use of the actual firmware flash tools for them.But for now, Learn how to flash them here.

Please, if your smarphone type is not listed here or the firmware flash file type is not here, please notify me to add it up.

To download all types of roms firmware or flash files, you can get it right here.

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