How To Install Kodi On Your Amazon Firestick

One of the best streaming devices is the Amazon Firestick because of how quickly it can transform a regular TV into a smart one. Firestick is powered by the Amazon Fire TV operating system, making it compatible with a wide variety of apps and services that can be downloaded from the Amazon App Store.

There are plenty of apps to choose from in the default App Store, but many of them aren’t available in the Firestick App Store. This is frustrating for some. Kodi is one of the most downloaded apps despite the fact that it is not available in the App Store.

Kodi is a TV entertainment center. Kodi streams movies, TV shows, and music from your private server for free. It supports many useful add-ons for additional features. Developers can create platform add-ons since it’s open source.

Kodi is not available by default on Amazon Firestick, which is a major issue for many people, especially those who have used it on their phones, PCs, and other devices. The fix? Kodi sideloading. Firestick sideloading Kodi is explained here.


How to Enable Installation from Unknown Sources

The sideloading features of the Amazon FireStick can be activated by accessing the device’s Developer Options. You’ll need to enable installation from unknown sources just like on an Android phone. An unofficial app is one that cannot be found in the official app store. Here are the directives for making your Firestick compatible with apps from unofficial sources and enabling the developer options.

  1. Power up your TV and Firestick. And select the correct HDMI source into which the Firestick is plugged.
  2. Once you are in the Firestick interface, use the navigation buttons on the remote to select the Settings menu from the home screen of your FireStick.
  3. Under Settings, choose the My Fire TV > About option.
  4. Now select your Firestick (eg. Fire TV Stick 4K). Press or tap on it 7-8 times to enable developer options.
  5. Go back one step and select Developer Options.
  6. Scroll down and choose the ‘Apps from Unknown Sources‘ option. Enable it.
  7. You can now sideload apps on your Amazon FireStick device.

Install the Downloader App

Once you have enabled sideloading on the FireStick, it is time to install the Downloader app. Downloader let you easily download APK files that are required for the process. And the best thing is Downloader is available on the App Store of Firestick. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Launch the App Store on your FireStick device.
  2. Select the Search option at the top and enter in Downloader.
  3. Front the search results, select the app that has a big orange icon.
  4. Select the app and install it on your FireStick.
  5. With the Downloader app installed, it’s time to now sideload the Kodi app on your Amazon FireStick.

Sideload Kodi App On Amazon FireStick

We have now come to the final steps to installing the Kodi app on your Amazon FireStick. This is where you will learn how to not only download the app but also follow the same method when you want to update the Kodi app on your FireStick.

  1. From the home screen of your Amazon FireStick, select and launch the Downloader app that you just installed.
  2. Make sure to enable the JavaScript option under Settings.
  3. Go back to the Downloader homepage and you will find a search bar. All you need to do is enter this URL (official site) and press the Go button.
  4. You will be taken to the Kodi Download page. Simply select the button that says ARMV7A.
  5. The APK file for Kodi will now be downloaded to your Amazon FireStick.
  6. Once the APK file is downloaded, you will see a popup from the Downloader app asking if you want to install the app. Select Install and wait.
  7. Once done you can open the Kodi app. It will ask for Files permission. After giving the required permission and you can use Kodi.

How to Install Add-Ons on Kodi App

You can add Add-ons to make the Kodi app more useful. You can get add-ons either from the repository, app, or you can manually download and install through zip file. Its quite simple, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Open the Kodi app on your Firestick.
  2. Navigate down and select Add-ons.
  3. Now look for the add-on you want to Install. If you want to Install them from Repository, choose the required option. The same goes for the Install from zip files.
  4. Here for example I am installing an add-on from the repository. Choose the add-on you want and then select the Install option available at the end.
  5. You will see the Installation status. Once 100% is done, you can check it under my add-ons.



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