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How To Increase PIN Entry Privacy in Android 14

How To Increase PIN Entry Privacy in Android 14

Android 14 is almost ready for release, and it is now running on the Android 14 beta 5.3 version, with the chance that Google will release the Android 14 stable version alongside the Pixel 8 series. Meanwhile, Android 14 offered a plethora of new privacy and security features. One of the most noticeable changes that has arrived with Android 14 is that there will be no obligation to install older Android apps within this new upgrade. You will learn how to increase the secrecy of your PIN entering later in this post.

As previously said, Android 14 offers a lot of fascinating features, the majority of which are privacy and security features as a result of various enhancements and adjustments. From the privacy of simply sharing specific photographs and movies to data-sharing updates and better PIN privacy. The Enhanced PIN privacy function on Android smartphones helps users to make PIN entering more secure.

Android 14: Enhanced PIN Privacy Feature

With Android 13, the digits or letters you type to unlock your smartphone are highlighted, making the procedure more vulnerable and reducing the odds of entering the wrong PIN. While this function is really beneficial, it also has a disadvantage. If someone is looking over your shoulder, they can easily trace the PIN you entered to unlock your iPhone without your knowledge. Biometric passwords, on the other hand, such as fingerprint unlock or face unlock, limit the likelihood of you entering your PIN in public or congested places.

How To Activate The Enhanced PIN Privacy Feature On Your Android Device?

Since the stalker knows your PIN, they can easily unlock your device, delete all the safety services that can help you find your device, and configure all your private information from your device. So, to safely deal with such a situation, Google is currently working to make your PIN entry more private and secure.

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Now go to the Security & privacy option.
  • Then click on the Security wheel icon, which is located beside the Screen lock option.
  • Please tap on the Enhanced PIN privacy toggle to turn it on.


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