How to Hide Your Instagram Story From Someone

How to Hide Your Instagram Story From Someone

Do you want to keep your stories a secret from your coworkers or do you not want your parents to find out? Instagram now lets you hide stories. You can choose to share your stories with a small group of close friends, limiting the number of people who can see them. On the other hand, if you hide your story from specific people, it will be visible to everyone else. Here’s how to hide stories on Instagram.

How to Hide Instagram Story From Individuals on Mobile

So you decided to share a story on Instagram, but you made a mistake! Someone saw it, even though you didn’t want them to. While what has been done is done, you can ensure that person will not be able to see your future Instagram stories. Here is the hidden setting:.

  1.  Swipe up on your Instagram story to get the list of your viewers. Here tap on the kebab menu (Three horizontal dots) next to the name of the person you want to hide future stories from.
  2.  Now from the list of options, select Hide your story and then tap on Hide. The selected individual won’t be able to view your future Instagram stories.

There’s also an alternate way to hide your story from specific people on Instagram. Just go to the profile of that individual, tap on the kebab menu (Three horizontal dots) on the top left, and select Hide your story.

How to Hide Instagram Story From Multiple Users on Mobile

To prevent the same mistake from happening again, where someone you don’t want sees your story and then you hide future stories, here’s a simple way to hide your Instagram story from all those unwanted viewers at once.

1. In the profile section of the Instagram app, tap on the hamburger menu (Three horizontal lines) and select Settings and privacy.

2. In Settings and privacy, select Hide Story and live and tap on Hide story and live from.

3. Here you have the option to choose individuals from the list or search for someone to hide your story from. Once selected, tap on Done at the top right.

How to Hide Instagram Story From Someone on Desktop

The process of hiding a story from someone in the web version of Instagram is completely different. Here is how you can do it.

1. Once you open Instagram on your browser, first click on More and then on Settings from the options.

2. Now scroll a little in Settings. First, click on How others interact with you and then on Edit story settings.

3. Here click on Hide story from under the Viewing section.

4. Now select the people from the list or search for someone, and your story will no longer be visible to them.

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In conclusion

In conclusion, there are several reasons why you might choose to hide your Instagram story from someone. Instagram and other social media platforms allow us to share glimpses of our lives with others. You assert your right to control what aspects of your life you choose to share with others by keeping your Instagram story hidden from someone.



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