How To Fix OnePlus 5G Signal Fluctuations

How To Fix OnePlus 5G Signal Fluctuations

New technologies in the current realm of telecommunications have already begun to proliferate. In the same vein, following 4G, there is a 5G network, which is touted to offer faster performance than a 4G network. However, OnePlus users have recently noticed that their 5g signal is flatulating.

It is clear that the majority of mobile networks have already begun to acquire it in 2019.

Although network expansion is gradual and steady, only a few big countries have a fully functional 5G network.

At the same time, numerous OnePlus owners have complained about 5G network inconsistencies in their smartphones.

Even though they have a 5G phone, some have stated that their smartphone’s 5G network connection is not operating properly.

Because of the frequent oscillations in the 5G network, people are unable to use their mobile internet connection correctly, which is quite inconvenient.

There could be a variety of causes for the oscillations in the 5G signal, one of which is that the smartphone operator’s network coverage might have an impact.

How to fix OnePlus 5G Signal Fluctuations By Enable  Resident 5G Network in your phone settings

You can try to enable the resident 5G network in the settings of your smartphone. To accomplish this, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Go to Settings on your OnePlus smartphone>> Tap Mobile Network and then select the More Settings tab >> Tap Smart 5G and turn it off.
  2. Settings >> About device >> Version: Click on the build number 7 consecutive times to enter into the developer mode.
  3. Settings >> Additional settings >> Developers options >> Networking >> 5G network mode >> select NSA+SA Mode.

If you are still having troubles after completing the procedures, capture the log in the feedback toolbox and send your comments. (For the India region, dial *#800# to access the Feedback toolbox and select the battery function log to submit.)

The 5G network is not extensively available, and although widespread deployment is predicted by 2025, it is not yet available in most regions of the world.

OnePlus 5G Signal Fluctuations On the other hand, you can also try these fixes:

  • Turn the airplane mode on; doing this will force your OnePlus smartphone to adapt to the 5G network.
  • Restart your smartphone, as it will remove all the temporary glitches that are preventing the 5G network from working.
  • Make sure that the 5G plan has been included within your mobile carrier.
  • Update your smartphone to the latest OS version.
  • If none of the tricks work, then you need to contact the supplier of your OnePlus smartphone by visiting the OnePlus center.



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