How to Exit Download Mode in Samsung Galaxy Phones

How to Exit Download Mode in Samsung Galaxy Phones

How to Exit Download Mode in Samsung Galaxy Phones

Have you ever woken up to find your phone in download mode? Many people are reporting that their Samsung phone is randomly entering download mode. On Samsung Galaxy phones, here’s how to leave download mode.

What is the Samsung Galaxy Phone Download Mode?

In Galaxy phones, Download Mode is a pre-boot interface. It acts as a bridge between your phone and an external device, most commonly a PC. In Samsung phones, there is no Fastboot mode; instead, download mode acts as the flashing medium for restoring or resetting your phone with a PC.

In general, the phone should require a specific sequence of key presses to enter download mode. However, several users have reported that their phones kicked into download mode while in their pocket, while calling, or while charging.

The problem with download mode is that the specialized power and volume keys do not function until you press a specific combination of keys.

While launching in download mode may suggest that the phone has issues, you can restart your phone normally.

Exiting the Initial Screen

How to Exit Download Mode in Samsung Galaxy Phones

You will see a transitional screen before entering download mode, as shown in the image below. After pressing the Volume Down button on your phone, it should reset.

Your information is secure. There will be no further inputs necessary, and you will exit the download mode immediately.

If your phone does not have this identical screen, then proceed with the instructions listed below.

Exit Screen in Newer Samsung Galaxy Phones

How to Exit Download Mode in Samsung Galaxy Phones

This exit technique applies to all Samsung Galaxy phones starting with the Galaxy S8 series. It takes use of the hardware keys on the phone’s sides. This method requires the use of the Power and Volume buttons.

To exit the download mode, press the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously for around 7 seconds.

This should allow the phone to restart normally without losing any data.

Exit Screen in Samsung Galaxy Phones With Home Button

How to Exit Download Mode in Samsung Galaxy Phones

Samsung Galaxy models from the past, notably the Note 7 and S7 series, had a Home button on the chin. As a result, they quit the download mode in a somewhat different way.

If your phone is stuck in Download Mode, press the Volume Down, Home, and Power buttons all at once. Continue tapping them until your phone displays a black screen.

Following this modification, your phone should reboot normally without losing any data or information.

Evanesco Download Mode!

Regardless of which Samsung Galaxy phone you have, you may quickly escape the download mode by following our instructions. Similarly, here are all the undiscovered features of the new and improved One UI 6 with Android 14.

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