How to Enable RGB Lighting in Windows 11 Settings

Microsoft is actively seeking methods to enhance the user experience of Windows 11, with a focus on streamlining operations, ensuring accessibility, and promoting a user-friendly interface. The latest updates for the operating system have introduced a plethora of features that have been observed in the Dev and Canary channels of Windows 11. An exciting upcoming addition that is anticipated to be released in the near future is the RGB Lighting controls.

As an owner of a gaming PC, it is common knowledge that the adjustment and control of RGB elements on your system often necessitate the utilisation of third-party applications. Microsoft has made the strategic decision to eliminate the need for separate applications by integrating a built-in feature directly into the operating system. This feature empowers users to effortlessly manage and manipulate the RGB components of their system without any additional software. For those who are interested in exploring this particular feature, we have prepared a comprehensive guide outlining the steps to enable it on your Windows 11 personal computer.

Enable RGB Lighting Settings On Windows 11

In order to promptly experience this highly desirable feature, it is imperative to comprehend the prerequisite of enabling it beforehand. Additionally, it is worth noting that there is a possibility that, despite enabling the aforementioned feature, it may not be visible on your Windows 11 personal computer. However, it should be noted that the lack of immediate access to the feature does not imply that it is permanently inaccessible. Users are advised to exercise patience as they await the gradual rollout of the feature to all individuals over the course of the upcoming days or weeks.

Things Needed

  • Vive Tool
  • Windows 11 build 25370 or newer

The Procedure to Enable RGB Lighting Settings in Windows 11

How to Enable RGB Lighting in Windows 11 Settings
  1. First off, download the ViveTool. You can find the Vive Tool on this GitHub page.
  2. Once the Vive Tool zip file has been downloaded, extract the context and palace it in a folder that you can easily access.
  3. Now, open the Command Prompt and type in cd (followed by the path of the Vive Tool folder)
  4. Once that has been correctly done, type in vivetool /enable /id:35262205
  5. If everything goes well, restart your computer.
  6. Open the Settings app followed by Personalization and finally Lighting.
  7. If you simply do not want this feature, you can type this code to disable it vivetool /disable /id:35262205

if you didn’t see the RGB Lighting settings, do not worry. The feature will soon or later be available as an update to your Windows 11 PC. Since these are all experimental and test features they may or may not show up on your system as of right now.




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