How to enable and use ColorOS 13 Zen Mode

ColorOS 13 Zen Mode
ColorOS 13 Zen Mode

Today I m going to post an article on “ColorOS 13 Zen Mode”. Are you get distracted by your phones or looking for a relaxing moment like when you are in yoga classes or enjoying some movement with family? For this ColorOS 13 comes with zen mode.

What is zen Mode?

 Zen Mode forces you to stop using your phone for a certain period of time. During this time, you can’t open apps, send text messages, change settings, or perform most other smartphone functions.

During ColorOS 13 Zen Mode, you can perform two things

  • First, you still will be able to do emergency calls and receive phone calls.
  • Second, you can still take photos.
  • Note -> Once you have chosen to enter it, you can’t go back on that decision

How to access the ColorOS 13 Zen Mode?

First, Pull the Notification panel twice to let all the tiles appear on the screen Tap on the Zen Mode tile then Set the time length you want, away from your devices.

Mobile phones have become a part of life today and many find it hard to leave their phones alone. With ColorOS 13, you can help yourself to balance your device time with reality, so you can focus on things that really matter, like school, family and friends.


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