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How to Create and Join Room in Spotify Greenroom (Guide)

Many prominent applications are still working on adding drop-in audio chat functionality. Spotify is the most recent addition to this list. It’s difficult to see why Spotify would want to do something like this. When it comes to launching and listening to podcasts using Anchor, they are the masters. However, trends must be followed, and because other applications like Reddit, Twitter, Discord, and Instagram have done so, it only seems logical for Spotify to do so as well. Here’s all you need to know about Spotify’s Greenroom. In Spotify Greenroom, you can also learn how to build and join rooms.

Spotify was reported to be working on a service that would compete with Clubhouse. The only difference between Greenroom and Clubhouse is that you don’t need an invitation to participate. It was speculated that the function will be included in Spotify itself, which, to be honest, would be really fantastic and beneficial to people who utilize the light version of the service. With that out of the way, let’s have a look at Greenroom, Spotify’s response to Clubhouse.

Spotify Greenroom

Betty labs integrated created Greenroom by Spotify, which was released on the 16th of June. Betty Labs was acquired by Spotify, and as a result, you’ll find them as the creators of Spotify Greenroom. In Early Access, the software is accessible on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Locker Room was the previous name for the app, which was a live audio chat app centered around sports and athletes. The app has been renamed Spotify Greenroom, and it may now be used to discuss topics other than sports, such as culture and music.

Let’s look at how to create an account on Spotify Greenroom so you may create and join rooms.

How to Create an Account in Spotify Greenroom

Greenroom has the advantage of being open to everybody and everyone. It’s really easy to sign up. You may sign in with either your Spotify account or your email address. Also, because Greenroom is a drop-in audio chat software, you don’t need a Spotify premium subscription to use it, and the app is ad-free.

How to Create and Join Room in Spotify Greenroom

How to Create Room in Spotify Greenroom

In Greenroom, making a room is simple. To make one, follow the steps below.

  1. On the home page of the app, tap on the floating green button that says New Room.
How to Create and Join Room in Spotify Greenroom
  1. You’ll now be prompted to provide the room’s name as well as the title of the show or podcast.
  2. Following that, you’ll be prompted to choose a group. This is required since it informs other members of the group that you want to go live.
  1. If you want to record the room, you may toggle on the obtain room recording option. The audio file will be emailed to you after the room has been closed.
  2. Finally, click the Go Live button to invite others to join your room and participate in discussions.

How to Join Room in Spotify Greenroom

It’s simple to join a room. You may navigate through the many rooms on the app’s home page and join them by tapping on them. Alternatively, you can use the search icon at the bottom to choose a specific room to join. And you’ll be notified when the host of that room becomes live.

Spotify Greenroom: Room Controls

There are three types of individuals in each room: a host, a speaker, and a listener. The host has complete control over the space. They may choose who gets to talk and who gets to listen on stage. They also have the ability to enable or disable the conversation tabs. All of the room’s talks take place in the discussion tab. If a listener desires to talk, they need only raise their hand, and the host will allow them to do so.

Send Gems in Spotify Greenroom

You may send a gem to the speaker or the host if you like what they’re saying or if they’re doing a fantastic job. It’s a method of expressing your admiration for their work. When you get gems as a speaker, the gem count will appear next to your profile symbol, and you can always view the total amount of gems you’ve received on your Greenroom profile page. Gems cannot be deleted, returned, or taken back, and they will not be subtracted from your gem count. The only reason one might argue that Greenroom is superior to Clubhouse is because of this.

How to block a user in Spotify Greenroom

You can always block someone who is misbehaving in a room if you see them. This block will also prohibit that person from joining any other rooms you’ve created. To block a user in Greenroom, follow these instructions.

  1. Tap on the profile of the user that you wish to block
  2. Now, tap the flag icon at the top right corner.
  3. Select Block.
  4. And that’s how you can block a user on Greenroom by Spotify

How to Report Room in Spotify Greenroom

  1. Tap on the Room host’s profile
  2. Now, tap the flag icon at the top right corner
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions and then tap on Report.

If anything doesn’t feel right about a place where you’re listening to live audio, you may always report it and leave. All of the reports are kept private. This implies that no one will ever know who filed the complaint.


Overall, Spotify’s effort to add additional competition to the audio chats world is a smart one. Of course, the software is still in beta, but the way it freezes and responds slowly to inputs is a bit disappointing. It might also be due to the fact that a large number of users are using the platform at the same time, and server difficulties are most likely to blame.

Simple things like changing a few settings or looking for rooms took a long time for me when setting up my account and using the app, owing to the slow app response. As Spotify improves in all areas, we may see brighter days for the app and platform.

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