How To Create a Instagram Threads Account

Following a period of extensive speculation and a veil of secrecy, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has at long last revealed his latest innovation in the form of Threads, a cutting-edge text-based application that seamlessly integrates with Instagram. Introducing Instagram’s companion application, now accessible in more than 100 countries worldwide, encompassing prominent regions such as India, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. To participate in Instagram threads, it is necessary to acquire the application from either the Play Store or the App Store. Below are the instructions for creating a Threads account without the need for an Instagram account.

Threads, a popular application on the Instagram platform, presents itself as a direct competitor to Twitter, boasting a plethora of comparable functionalities. This includes the ability to share updates that primarily revolve around textual content, accompanied by visually engaging images and videos. Moreover, Threads emphasizes its unique selling point of facilitating intimate and exclusive communication channels, specifically tailored for interactions with one’s closest companions.

Moreover, the Threads application empowers users to effortlessly share updates comprising a maximum of 500 characters of text, alongside the option to include up to 10 visually captivating images or videos. In the realm of online communication, a singular contribution is commonly referred to as a thread. It is worth noting that these threads possess the capability to interconnect, forming a sequence of linked posts, akin to the structure observed on the popular social media platform, Twitter. Additionally, users have the ability to express their appreciation or provide feedback by liking or commenting on a stick. Furthermore, they can choose to share the stick with their followers, thereby extending its reach and visibility. Moreover, it is worth noting that threads have the capability to be seamlessly shared across various applications and platforms.

However, it is important to note that the hashtag functionality is currently not available in the Threads app. Nevertheless, it is reasonable to anticipate that the company will incorporate this feature in forthcoming updates. Users now have the ability to conveniently install the application on their Android or iPhone devices, either through the Google Play Store or the App Store, respectively. Furthermore, it is now possible to create a Threads account without the need for an existing Instagram account.

How to create Threads with an Instagram account?

Instagram’s Threads app is now available on Android, and iOS is designed as a companion app to Instagram and requires an Instagram account to access its features.


If you don’t have an Instagram account, to use Threads, you’ll need to create a new Instagram account. Then log in with Threads to enjoy the new features.



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