How to Connect a Boat Airdopes to a PC, phones or Tablet

The Boat is well-known for producing high-quality wearable gadgets such as headphones, smartwatches, and AirDopes. In addition to wearables, Boat sells a variety of Bluetooth speakers. Meanwhile, Boat Airdopes are one of the most popular wireless Bluetooth-based earbuds that are relatively inexpensive and provide excellent sound quality.

Boat, one of India’s most popular wearable brands, has a tremendous fan base. The brand began sailing in 2014 and has not looked back since. The brand has accomplished a lot, from becoming India’s number one wireless hearable brand to ranking third in the worldwide earwear and smartwatch market in Q3 CY21.

The wearable Airdopes has several intriguing properties, including being highly practical, having great sound quality, and being simple to use. So, if you’ve purchased Boat AirDopes and are wondering how to connect it to your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, we’ll walk you through the entire procedure to help you pair up your latest Boat AirDopes to your device in this article.

How to connect a Boat Airdopes to a laptop?

To connect your Boat Airdopes to your laptop, you just need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Tap to open your laptop’s Search bar.
  2. Here, you need to search for an option called Bluetooth and other device settings.
  3. Simply tap on it.
  4. Another window will open, and you must tap the Bluetooth toggle to turn it on.
  5. Once the Bluetooth is turned on, you will see a list of available devices.
  6. Search for your Boat Airdopes and tap on it to connect.
  7. That’s it. Your Boat Airdopes are successfully connected to your laptop

How do you connect your Boat Airdopes with your smartphone?

It’s as simple as writing on paper to connect the Boat Airdopes. Following a few simple steps, you can connect and listen to your favorite music or other content..

  1. To begin with, make sure that your Boat Airdopes are fully charged.
  2. While charging, the LED lights on the earbuds will turn red, and when the earbuds get fully charged, the LED will turn green.
  3. Now Press and hold the touch sensor for a few seconds to turn your Boat Airdopes on and place them in your ears.
  4. Swipe down from your phone’s Home Screen to open the Control Center.
  5. Tap to turn on the Bluetooth tile.
  6. Search and tap on your Boat Airdopes from the list of available devices.
  7. Once you tap on the name of your Boat Airdopes, you will hear a quick, subtle tone to confirm that your Airdopes are successfully connected.


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