How to check if Xiaomi officially supports updates

Xiaomi makes very good phones, there is no doubt about that. If we are looking for a terminal with a great quality/price ratio, the company offers us its ” Redmi ” and ” POCO ” brands. However, if what we are looking for is a smartphone with the latest in technology, we have the entire ” Xiaomi ” range.

The problem arises with MIUI. Although Xiaomi seems to be changing its update policies, its smartphones usually have a fairly short useful life period. Xiaomi generally does not provide more than 3 years of official support, stopping releasing new updates and security patches after this time.

Fortunately, knowing if our Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO still has official support is quite simple. Something essential when buying a new smartphone or to decide the best time to renew the one we already have.

How to know if your Xiaomi will still continue updating

Knowing if our Xiaomi mobile is still receiving updates, whether MIUI news or security patches, is very simple. For this, the company makes available to us the Xiaomi Security Center portal which details which devices no longer have support and which ones will receive the latest security patch.

In the EOL Product List section, we can see all those devices that have already reached their end of life, that is, those that no longer have official support from Xiaomi and that therefore will not receive new updates.


In the Update Detail – Applicable Models section we can see all those models that will receive the latest Android security patch, specifically the one for the current month. This list is updated every month, usually at the beginning of the month.

By consulting both lists, you can know if your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO will continue to receive new versions of MIUI and if so, know if it will receive the latest security patch available for Android devices in the current month.



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