How to Activate Guest Mode on Vision Pro

How to Activate Guest Mode on Vision Pro

The Vision Pro is Apple’s first VR headset, and it’s now on sale. Everyone wants to try the first headset because it looks good. It’s normal for your friends and family to be interested in the Vision Pro and ask to try it out for themselves. Turn on Guest Mode if you want to share Vision Pro with them but don’t want them to see your data and behavior. You will learn how to turn on Vision Pro’s guest mode here.

You can only fully enjoy Vision Pro if they fit well. For a good fit, the Vision Pro comes with a Lite Seal that is made just for one person. People who use the Vision Pro with you can try both the single knit and dual loop bands. This will give them some ways to make changes.

Apple sells Light Seals and head bands on their own, but they charge a lot more. And there’s no reason to buy them just to try out the Vision Pro a few times. However, guest users will not be able to get the best fit from the Vision Pro.

Data privacy is very important when sharing personal products like phones, computers, and other tech items. Most devices have a guest mode to deal with this, and the Apple Vision Pro is no different. Plus, you can use Guest Mode if you want to. You can give them your Vision Pro if someone asks for them with Guest Mode. You can also choose what they can and can’t see. Let’s find out how to do that..

How to use Guest Mode on Vision Pro

  1. First close all apps on your Vision Pro. And open only those apps that your guest can access.
  2. Then Look Up and you will see a down arrow. Tap while looking at it.
  3. How to Activate Guest Mode on Vision ProNow tap the Control Center icon.
  4. In the Control Center, tap on the Guest User option with the profile icon.How to Activate Guest Mode on Vision Pro
  5. Here you can choose between giving access to all apps or just the opened apps. Choose one based on your need.How to Activate Guest Mode on Vision Pro
  6. There’s also a mirror option that lets you see on a different device exactly what guests will see on Vision Pro. You can set it if required, otherwise you can leave it.
  7. Now tap the Start Button to begin the Guest Mode.
    How to Activate Guest Mode on Vision Pro
  8. You will have five minutes to give the Vision Pro to your guest. After 5 minutes, the guest mode will turn off if not in use.
  9. Once Guest User put on the device, they can press Digital Crown to initiate the Hand and Eye setup.How to Activate Guest Mode on Vision Pro

After setup is complete, they can use the apps you opened for them. If you selected to allow all apps and data, then they can access all the apps.

Note: If you start friend mode and then press the Top button or the Digital Crown button while the friend is not wearing the headset, Guest mode will end. Tell them to hold the Vision Pro by its sides so they don’t press the button by accident.

Guest Mode doesn’t need to be turned off by hand. Vision Pro will work properly when you put it back on after a Guest user takes it off. It remembers you. You don’t have to set up Eye and Hand tracking again either.

What Guest Users Can Access?

Based on what the guide says, you’ll have full power over what they can see. You can either open the apps you want them to use or let them use everything. But you can’t limit what they can see in the apps you open for them. They can get to your songs and everything else in the Apple Music app, for instance, if you open it.

In future VisionOS updates, Apple may add more restrictions. For now, though, users can only control which apps Guest can use, not the data inside those apps.

The Apple Vision Pro is a new device that looks cool, so people who know you will ask to see it. You can’t even say “no” most of the time. That’s when this guest mode will come in handy.

That’s all there is to know about how to use Vision Pro’s Guest Mode. If you have more questions, you can leave them in the comments.


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