When you think about it, Apple seems to be the only company that offers free engraving on its products. I’ll show you How and where to Engrave Your Apple Devices in this post.

Each Apple device is distinct in its own way. It doesn’t matter if it’s an iPad, AirPods, or the new AirTags. Although these devices are costly, they have a certain value and last a long time. You can customize your devices in a variety of ways. You might put a new skin on it, get some screen and body cover, or just get some bumper cases. These security cases range in price from very inexpensive to almost absurdly costly.

Using the free engraving feature when buying any Apple product on the Apple website is the best and possibly easiest way to customize your Apple products for free. Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of engraving a device.

Benefits of Engraving Your Apple Devices

  • Personalization is the only reason you’d want to make your device stand out from the crowd, and it’s also something you can do for free.
  • Avoiding misunderstandings: If you have a group of friends who own the same devices as you, the services may get mixed up. It is easier to prevent a mix-up if you have a tiny mark of recognition.


  • Slower device delivery: Since your device will be engraved, you can expect it to arrive a few days later than the initial shipping date.
  • Resale value: any unit that has any kind of blemishes or scuffs loses its resale value. Engraved devices are in the same boat. Nobody wants to buy a device with someone else’s identifying marks on it.

Apple’s website allows you to engrave your iPad, AirPods, and AirTags.

  1. Go to Apple’s website.
  2. Look for the item you want to buy. Engraving is only possible on iPods, iPads, AirTags, AirPods, and the Apple Pencil.
  3. You’ll see the free engraving choice after you’ve chosen the product’s color and storage option.
How and where to Engrave Your Apple Devices {Comprehensive Guide}
  1. Select it, and you’ll be able to add emojis, letters, and numbers to it. Please keep in mind that each computer has a character limit.
How and where to Engrave Your Apple Devices {Comprehensive Guide}
  1. After that, simply add the item to your bag, fill in your details, and pay. Your Apple computer will now be engraved and shipped out in a few days or less.

You can choose from 30 emojis, 50 black and white numbers, and 30 white emojis. The alphabets, which come in 26 black and white versions, are the same. The number of characters that can be engraved on each unit is listed below.

  • iPod: You can engrave up to 12 characters on each of two lines, for a total of 24 characters. You can fit about 27 characters if you type letters without spaces.
  • With the Apple Pencil, you can comfortably suit up to 10 emojis and 18 alphabets.
  • AirPods support up to 16 emojis and approximately 20 alphabets without spaces.
  • On iPads, there are up to 15 emojis per line in the first and second lines, as well as 32 alphabets without spaces on each line.

Final Thoughts

So, if you intend to keep the device until it dies, can you really go ahead and use the free engraving options? If you plan to keep the device until it dies, then yes, you can. You will make your device feel more personal to you. However, if you intend to sell or trade your computer in the next year or two, I recommend skipping the engraving options.

Do you think other brands should follow Apple’s lead and give free engraving as well? Please let us know in the comments section. Also, please spread the word about this article to your colleagues.

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