How to Add App Shortcuts to Air Command Menu on Galaxy S24 Ultra

How to Add App Shortcuts to Air Command Menu on Galaxy S24 Ultra

When it comes to Samsung phones, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is the top of the line. Many people have bought the device since it has been available for almost a month. The S24 Ulta has a lot of cool things planned for it.

The S Pen is one of the coolest things about the S24 Ultra. There is only one Samsung model that comes with the S Pen and can also use it: the Fold.

Did you know that the S Pen can do a lot of different things right away, without having to look for an app? Yes, you can get things done quickly with the S24 Ultra’s Air Commands tool.

How to Add More Apps To The Air Command Menu

If you’ve never used a Galaxy Ultra before, you should know that air commands have been available on all of its older Note models as well as the Ultra versions from the S21 Ultra.

To get to this Air Command menu, take out the S Pen and then tap it on the flying Pen icon at the edge of the screen.

When you use the S Pen to tap on the icon, a list of app tools appears that you can use right away. Let’s look at how to make the Air Commands menu bigger by adding more options.

Adding More Apps to Air Command Menu on Galaxy S24 Ultra

Let’s look at the options that are already in the Air Command menu on the Galaxy S24 Ultra before we get into how to add more.

  • Create Note
  • View All Notes
  • Smart Select
  • Screen Write
  • PenUp

So yes, these are the predefined shortcuts you get when using the Air Command on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Now, let’s look at the steps you need to follow to add more shortcuts to this menu.How to Add App Shortcuts to Air Command Menu on Galaxy S24 Ultra

  1. First off, remove the S Pen and tap on the floating pen bubble on the edge of your screen.
  2. When you tap on the icon, a menu will show up.
  3. Now, tap on the Add option at the end of the menu.
  4. A Shortcuts page will now open on your device.
  5. You simply need to tap on any of the shortcuts you want and it will be added to the Air Command menu.
  6. You can add as many apps as you like. To remove the app from the menu, simply tap on the hyped icon on the right-hand side of the screen.

However, it is best to add apps that you will use regularly with your S Pen. Clustering up the menu with too many apps is simply not ideal.

Change the Menu Style of Air Command

On the Galaxy S24 Ultra, you can choose what kind of menu style you like for the Air Commands menu. By default, the standard style setting is selected. Here is how you can change the menu style.How to Add App Shortcuts to Air Command Menu on Galaxy S24 Ultra

  1. Open the Settings app on your Galaxy S24 Ultra.
  2. Scroll down and tap on the Additional Features option.
  3. Now, tap on the S Pen menu.
  4. Tap on Air Command.
  5. You can now simply tap on the menu style you want. Choose to stay on standard mode or Tao on Compact Menu to get a nice and simple menu on your screen.
  6. Additionally, you can also add shorts on the page as well as have two settings for the floating S Pen button or icon.

Closing Thoughts

This concludes the guide on how you can access the Air Commands menu as well as the ability to customize the Air Command menu on your Galaxy S24 Ultra. With the Air Command menu, you can easily get whatever tasks you want to get done without wasting any kind of time.



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