Here are OxygenOS 13.1 New Features

OnePlus had a launch event late last night, during which the firm launched the Nord CE 3 Lite and OxygenOS 13.1. Android 13 serves as the foundation for this version of OxygenOS. The most recent information is that the Chinese technology giant has included several new features in this version of OxygenOS. These new features include a reduction in the amount of power used by applications, a speedier installation process for applications, and an improvement in the way applications are optimized.

According to the firm, OxygenOS 13.1, which is based on Android 13, will soon be available for download on all of the qualifying flagship and mid-range handsets manufactured by OnePlus. Let’s have a look at the features of OxygenOS 13.1, which are detailed down below.

Features of OxygenOS 13.1 are as follows:

Installing applications takes less time:

OnePlus claims that the most recent installment of its OxygenOS software gives users an experience that is stunningly beautiful, nature-inspired, lightning-quick, and silky smooth, and provides them with tremendous advantages. You’re going to like how quickly apps are installed, for one thing.

Reduced power usage of the application:

OnePlus claims that updating to OxygenOS 13.1 would lower the amount of power that apps use on your OnePlus device, hence making it more energy efficient. It is also possible that the corporation has made some adjustments to the internal app log in order to limit the needless amount of power that is used in the background.

Enhanced optimization of the application:

This might also suggest that OnePlus made adjustments to the internal app system in order to increase app efficiency and cut down on activities that were not essential in the background.

Gaming Improvements:

OxygenOS 13.1 provides users with an experience that is really immersive for gaming. It has features that are convenient for gamers, such as Quick Start and Gaming Tools with Game Focus Mode, as well as our superior GPA Frame Stabilizer, which eliminates latency so that you may dominate without interruption.

Redesigned Zen Mode

One of the many helpful and intriguing features that are included in OxygenOS 13.1, known as Zen Mode, is also one of the features. According to the source, Zen Mode has been updated with a new app icon and will now be referred to as Zen Space, whether it be the app itself or the function. In addition to this, consumers will also have the opportunity to experience improved modifications in terms of the features. Continue reading: Redesigned Zen Mode


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