Hardware Method to Unbrick Motorola Phone

For Motorola devices, “hard bricking” means they become completely unresponsive and useless. Damage to the software or firmware is usually to blame for this issue. To unbrick a Motorola phone, you usually need to use special tools and methods. If your phone has been bricked, you should know that there are risks involved in trying to fix it with hardware solutions and that doing so may void your warranty.

If at all possible, you should try contacting Motorola support or a reputable repair shop before attempting any hardware-based fixes.

Here is a general description of a hardware technique that might work to repair a hard-brick Motorola phone:


  • You must have phone disassembly skills.
  • You must have BGA-level soldering skills.
  • You need to have a UFS programmer, such as MiPi TESTER, UFI Box with UFS-Prog.
  • You must have Soldering Tools & Consumables, E.g. Soldering Gun, Soldering Station, Tweezers Set, UFS steel mesh, Solder paste…

how to unbrick hard-bricked Motorola phone:

  • Disassemble the phone, place the motherboard on the soldering vise, locate the UFS chip, then use a soldering gun to heat and remove the UFS shield, then heat and desolder the UFS chip, and finally re-ball the UFS chip (The temperature must not be higher than 350°C/660°F).
  • Place the UFS chip on the UFS adapter, and use the UFS programmer read the CID partition.
  • Resolder the UFS chip.
  • Find a Motorola remote unlock merchant (E.g. MWorker-Tool, you can also find better prices in our group), and let them help you rewrite the CID to 0x0000.
  • Desolder the UFS chip again, and re-ball the UFS chip.
  • use UFS Programmer to restore the original CID partition backup.
  • Resolder the UFS chip and shield.
    In the end, you’ll fix your phone completely.

Other things you need to know:

  1. Some may think of restoring a CID backup in EDL mode, this is not possible under normal circumstances, Motorola’s programmer bin restricts the ability to read and write CID Partition, You can’t do that. Only some models have exceptions.
  2. This option is not feasible for the normal user, you may need to get a repair technical man to help you with this.
  3. If you directly ask Motorola’s remote unlock service provider to help you, you will permanently lose the original CID partition, and you will no longer be able to unlock the bootloader again, I think this is very heart-wrenching and not recommended.



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