Today we at realimagess have decided to share this useful format on how to Hard Reset All Tecno Phone, these include the old and new brands, this format works for all types of tecno devices out there.

How to Hard Reset All Tecno Phone

We will list out some examples of the tecno phones, for users who might be asking if this hard reset format will work for their smartphone

List of All Tecno Smartphone Applicable

This guide is applicable to all tecno android devices which includes, Tecno Q1, Tecno S7, Tecno P9, Tecno M9, Tecno H5, Tecno N9, Tecno D3, Tecno D5, Tecno F7, Tecno M3, Tecno S3, Tecno P5, Tecno L3, Tecno M5, Tecno M7, Tecno H7, Tecno M6, Tecno R7, Tecno N7, Tecno M9 (A3), Tecno L6, Tecno F5, Tecno G9, Tecno Boom J7, Tecno Phantom Z (A7), Tecno Camon C5, Camon C8, Boom J5, Phantom 5,8,and 9. this format is applicable to the latest camon 12 pro many more..

What is Hard reset?

A hard reset, also known as a factory reset or master reset, is the restoration of a device to the state it was in when it left the factory. All settings, applications, and data added by the user are removed. The term is often heard in reference to smartphones and tablets

a hard reset can help resolve most of the problems I will be listing below by restoring your device to factory settings (default).

If you’ve any problem on your Tecno device, maybe problems like application shut down itself, unresponsiveness of the device, continues lag, incorrect settings, malware attack, glitches, software issue, a forgotten password, quick battery draining.

How to Hard Reset All Tecno Phone

There are two main methods that you can use to restore your tecno device to factory settings. Simply follow the procedures below. Always remember to backup your device before resetting to avoid data loss

Method 1- via factory reset

>>Firstly, tap Settings from your App drawer.

>> If you don’t have a backup of your device, then run a backup via “Backup and reset

>> After that, tap “Factory Data Reset”>> Then tap “Reset Phone

Method 2- via recovery mode

>> First power off your Tecno device

>> Then press and hold together Volume Up + Power

>> Then Use the Volume buttons to select “wipe data/factory reset” from the tecno recovery screen

>> After that, confirm the process and wait for few minutes as it would take several minutes for the Tecno device to be wiped. sit back and relax or get yourself a cup of coffee while your smartphone resets.

Congrats!!! your phone is as good as new now, with any of the above methods, your Tecno android device will reset successfully If you’ve any other related problem with your device, feel free to let me know through the comment box, and I won’t hesitate to assist you. Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends.


Performing a hard reset will delete all your user data, which includes pictures, videos, and music saved to your internal memory, always remember to back up your files before resetting your smartphone.

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