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Google’s International Friendship Day Wallpapers are worth a look (Download)

Google and Microsoft, for example, distribute wallpapers on special occasions such as World Ocean Day, Christmas, and Friendship Day. And just now, Google released three new wallpapers in honor of International Friendship Day, which comes as no surprise given that today is International Friendship Day. If you enjoy trying out different backgrounds, you should check out Google’s new International Friendship Day Wallpapers.

Every year on July 30, International Friendship Day is observed, however, most regions observe it on the first Sunday of August, which falls on August 1 this year. It’s a celebration for friends all across the world to come together and celebrate the day. And, because of the various Social Media platforms available today, it is simple to connect with people from all over the world. Even if you can’t be together, you may still have a good time by staying in touch with your pals.

International Friendship Day Wallpapers

Thanks to Google for the great wallpapers that you can use to celebrate International Friendship Day by adding them to your display. You don’t even need an occasion to try out the incredible wallpapers. The International Friendship Day collection includes three wallpapers, all of which are available in high resolution. These wallpapers are available in Google Pixel phones, and they were created by Google to commemorate International Friendship Day.

Here’s the tweet from Google:

New wallpapers for your Pixel! Show your friends a little love today for #InternationalFriendshipDay!
Created by Laurie Rowan, find these exclusive designs in your styles and wallpaper settings on Pixel 3 and newer phones.

We have a preview of the wallpapers attached to the article if you wish to have a look. Because the preview isn’t at full resolution, make sure to download the wallpapers from the download area.

International Friendship Day Wallpapers Preview

Download International Friendship Wallpapers

If these wallpapers appeal to you, you can easily obtain the entire collection. All credit goes to Laurie Rowan for making such beautiful wallpapers that appear fantastic on the screen. If you like wallpapers, you won’t want to miss out on the latest collection. All of the wallpapers in the collection have a resolution of 1080 × 1080 pixels. Wallpapers for International Friendship Day can be downloaded directly from Twitter.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment box. Also, please spread the word about this post to your friends.

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