Google Wallet now supports QR code payments.

Google made its Wallet app available in five additional nations two weeks ago: Albania, Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, and Montenegro. The company has revealed that credit and debit cards can now be used with QR codes using Google Wallet. The new function was introduced at Google’s fifth annual Brazil event.

This function is necessary due to the scarcity of NFC-enabled cell phones in emerging markets like Brazil. As a result, Google Wallet is unavailable in those regions. The good news is that Google has discovered a method around this problem.

According to the data, users in Brazil will have access to the new Google Wallet functionality that enables payments using QR codes before anybody else in the world.

A new feature that will allow any Android device to make digital payments with credit and debit cards by scanning dynamic codes at payment terminals has just been announced and will be rolling out in the next few months.

How To Use Google Wallet QR Code Feature

Using this feature is very easy. Firstly, people need to add their credit/debit cards to the Google Wallet app. When you want to pay, all they need to do is scan a QR code displayed on the POS machine with their phone’s camera and authorize the payment.


You’ll then see all the transaction details on your phone screen, including the price and the option to switch to a different card if you’d like. To endorse payment, click on the “Pay now” button and use your fingerprint to verify your identity. You will receive a confirmation message on your smartphone and a receipt from the merchant



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