Google Pixel Watch 2 suffers from charging Issuses

Last month, Google introduced the Pixel Watch 2. Google also published a WearOS 4 upgrade for the original Pixel Watch. The latest-generation model is much improved over its predecessor. However, few users have reported charging troubles with the smartwatch. The search engine behemoth is allegedly aware of the problem but has yet to release an official reaction. Continue reading to learn more about the Pixel Watch 2’s charging issues.

Google Pixel Watch 2 suffers from charging issues.

Several Reddit users have reported that their Pixel Watch 2 units are not charging when plugged in. Users are confused whether this is due to a faulty charger or the smartwatch itself.One user reported that the device did not charge at all. He bought a new charger, which worked OK at first but finally died. The user also attempted to change the cable, wall socket, use USB ports on the laptop, and other options, but all were futile.

The user did not receive a satisfying response from Google, but the search giant recognized that it was a ‘ongoing issue’ with the Pixel Watch 2. He also received a replacement Pixel Watch 2, which is said to be fully functional. Unfortunately, other users experiencing the same charging issues will not be fortunate enough to receive a replacement item. As a result, it’s unclear if the charger or the smartwatch is faulty. The answer to the problem is also unknown.

How To Solve Google Pixel Watch 2 Charging Issues

Google offers a dedicated support page where consumers can find out what to do if their Pixel Watch 2 isn’t charging properly. It states that the smartwatch will only fit on the charging port in one direction and will not charge if placed in the opposite manner. In comparison to its predecessor, the search giant introduced a four-pin connector on the next generation smartwatch.

If your Pixel Watch battery is not charging or not holding a charge after you’ve followed the steps to¬†Charge Google Pixel Watch, try these fixes.


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