Google Pixel Tablet receives July 2023 update

In accordance with its expanding product portfolio, Google has introduced a third tablet form factor to the Pixel lineup. The Pixel Tablet begins its monthly software update cycle with the release of the Android security patch dated 13 July 2023.

The Pixel Tablet is now equipped with the most recent security enhancements, as it has adopted the security patch level from July 5, 2023. This Wi-Fi-only device, with the build number TQ3A.230705.001.B4, lacks carrier and regional variants. Users can anticipate receiving Android version updates for three years, followed by two years of security patches. The size of today’s over-the-air (OTA) update is only 23.27MB.

The Android 13 July patch addresses a total of 26 security vulnerabilities, 20 of which are specific to the 2023-07-05 patch. The addressed vulnerabilities range from moderate to critical, resulting in enhanced user security.

Furthermore, the dedicated bulletin for Google devices outlines an additional 26 security fixes included in this update.

Pixel Tablet: TQ3A.230705.001.B4 — Factory Image — OTA


According to the official changelog provided by Google, the July 2023 update for the Pixel Tablet focuses on resolving the following issues:

Battery & Charging

  • Enhancements aimed at improving charging efficiency, battery usage, and thermal performance under specific conditions.
    User Interface
  • Fix addressing an intermittent problem where lock screen notification text would occasionally appear behind unlock user interface elements.
  • With these critical fixes, the Pixel Tablet continues to provide an optimal user experience and ensures reliable performance for its users.



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