Google Messages Introduces New Voice Memo Feature For Wear OS

After a lengthy testing period, Google Messages has finally made voice memos available for the Wear OS application. Previously, the firm stated that it is testing the voice memos feature for Wear OS apps, but the feature has now passed the testing stage and entered the beta stage. As a result, Wear OS Watch users now have additional power.

With this upgrade, Google Messages now allows users to send and listen to voice memos directly from their wrist if they have a Wear OS Watch. Users may now open a chat on their watch by tapping the microphone symbol, which is flanked by emoji and keyboard input.

Previously, users had to immediately enter “Voice to text,” but with this new version, users now have the choice to enter “Voice message.” The audio messages will now use a new waveform icon, which should also appear in the smartphone app when the full revamp is released.

What’s New in This Version:

The recording now begins instantly, with the UI displaying a progress ring that users may move up to their wrist. Furthermore, the recording time restriction is 59 seconds, so users may easily record up to 59 seconds with the ability to stop and submit.

Users may now listen to voice messages on their watches, but there is no visible way to alter the volume, with the crown just scrolling up and down the discussion thread.Google provides users with the ability to not only convert their voice to text but also send voice messages.

This voice memo capability is being rolled out with the latest Google Messages for Wear OS beta, version 20231010_01_RC00. This functionality, however, follows WhatsApp, which has offered a comparable feature from its inception, although Google Messages would benefit from Wear OS Tiles, which display their inbox or act as shortcuts to discussions.

This voice action is only available if the user’s smartphone is set to English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, or Brazilian Portuguese. Some speech commands, however, are not available in all languages or nations or areas.


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