Google Message has released a new update that fixes bugs.

Google Message has released a new update that fixes bugs.

Google Message is an official messaging tool of Google Workplace, and it has received an update to improve the user experience.

Google Message is a messaging software that uses rich communication services with an SMS/MMS fallback. It provides a number of functions for the users’ convenience.

The Google Message program is currently receiving a new update, which has arrived with its own unique build number of 20231117_01_RC00; users can readily identify the update using this version number.

The brand has also created an installation package for this update, which is only 113.69 MB in size, making it easy to download.

Users must ensure that their device is operating on the correct Android version before downloading the update, since the firm has imposed a limit for the upgrade, which means that the update is only valid for devices running at least Android 8.0 or higher.

When compared to the previous version, this update improves the application’s stability, reliability, and comparability. The general faults that were interfering with the operation of any capability are resolved, resulting in smooth and flawless performance.

How To Download 

Users can quickly download the update to experience the improved version of the application by clicking on the download link provided here.



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