Google Lens User Interface Makeover, Including a Dark Mode

If the rumours are true, the Google channel on Telegram has announced the release of light and dark modes for the Lens app, which has been doing the rounds on the messaging service. Users can take advantage of Google Lens’s search, shopping, translation, and identification features. Not simple to put into words, but by all means, take a picture and look for it online.

Now, per the announcement, Google is making a number of user interface changes and releasing a new light theme for the Google lens in an effort to make it more appealing and useful. The colour scheme suggests that this revision will be on-trend.

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Google Lens User Interface Update

The beta version of the Google app, with version number 14.30, contains all of these updates.

According to 9TO5, Google has announced that it will soon replace the existing AMOLED background display with light and dark colours that are based on the themes. Simply put, the AMOLED background will turn dark grey when the dark theme is activated and white when the light theme is activated while using the Google lens.

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A new background is on the horizon, and it will bring with it a bright colour scheme that will be instantly recognisable within the gallery’s user interface and its grid of screenshots and user-submitted images.

Already, the Google lens has made life easier and more pleasant for its users by providing a wide range of services, among them the fun ability to recognise previously unseen objects, such as plants and animals. Facilitates text translation and copying as well.

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