Google warns inactive Gmail accounts will be deleted in three weeks.

Google has recently implemented a proactive measure by notifying users with inactive Gmail accounts, urging them to promptly update their account information within a three-week timeframe. Failure to comply with this request may result in the unfortunate consequence of losing access to their Gmail account. The renowned internet search giant has announced its intention to discontinue a substantial number of Gmail accounts that have remained inactive for a period of up to two years. As a result of this transition, account holders will experience permanent loss of emails, documents, photos, and videos.

The inclusion of the removal of inactive Gmail accounts is a significant component of a comprehensive update to the email service. The upcoming purge will have an impact on all individual Gmail accounts that have remained inactive for a minimum duration of two years. By December 2023, the policy, which went into effect this year, should be in effect. Google has recently announced an update to its inactivity policy for Google Accounts, which will now extend to a period of two years across all Google products. The policy additionally imposes restrictions on the duration for which Google may retain dormant accounts’ unused personal information.

Significant safety benefits result from Google’s decision to delete inactive Google accounts. The primary objective of this feature is to safeguard active Google users by mitigating security threats such as phishing, account hijacking, and scams. Dormant Google accounts pose an elevated vulnerability to potential compromise by malicious hackers. Users with inactive or dormant Gmail accounts that are impacted will receive a series of notifications prior to any action being initiated.

The notifications will also be sent to the attached recovery email address of the affected accounts. Google has initiated the process of sending emails to the accounts that have been impacted. To mitigate the risk of account deletion, users are advised to take proactive measures such as initiating communication via email, accessing Google Drive, or installing applications from the Google Play Store. These actions serve as effective safeguards for account holders, ensuring the continuity and security of their accounts. Additionally, users have the option to conveniently perform a Google search while being logged into their account.

Gmail has experienced significant growth and has established itself as a prominent email platform, with a continuously expanding user base. Its widespread popularity is evident, as it appeals to a wide range of users. According to Google, the impact on accounts is not dependent on their last activity, ensuring that any account that has previously posted a YouTube video will remain unaffected.


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