Google has recently announced that the Home Panel feature, which enables users to conveniently manage their smart home devices directly from their lock screen or Quick Settings, will soon be accessible to all Android devices running Android 14.

The Home Panel was previously only available on Pixel smartphones and the Pixel Tablet. Google has officially announced that it will extend the feature to all Android devices running the latest version of its operating system.

According to Android Authority, the Home Panel allows users to conveniently access their spaces and favorites. These are groups of smart home devices that users have configured to control collectively. This feature simplifies tasks such as turning off all the lights in a room or initiating a scene that includes music and adjusts the lighting.

Google Home Panel will be coming to all Android 14 devices

The Home Panel provides a convenient method for controlling smart home devices without the need to open the Google Home app. It is particularly beneficial for devices that are used frequently, such as lights and thermostats.

The Home Panel will be available on all Android devices once they receive the latest Android 14 update.


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