Google Calendar Introduces Link-Based Event Sharing

Google Calendar, which is obviously a part of Google Workspace for Android smartphones, assists users in saving time and making the most of each day. It provides several calendar views, including month, week, and day views. Aside from that, users may automatically add events from Gmail to their Google calendar, such as flights, hotels, concerts, bookings, and many more. To match the universality of video meeting connections in recent years, the brand is now strengthening its events function by enabling the opportunity to share events through links.

Google is rolling out the latest Calendar update to improve event capabilities. With the latest version, users will see a “Share” option at the top of the screen after signing in to their account and launching a Google Calendar event. The app. google/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx link will then be generated for people to copy and send.

To view event details and reply, go to the URL that appears in browsers. However, if they are hooked in to their Google Account, the latter is a one-click process; otherwise, guests must provide their email address. However, for the time being, the links can only be generated on the Android app.

Notably, Google adds that all “Shared events are public, even after the user’s calendar or the event is private.” In this regard, the brand claimed that

“You can share an event whether or not you invited visitors.”

Google also stated that event titles are not searchable on the internet. To deactivate a link, users must first delete the event. Most importantly, users must have faith in the people with whom they are sharing links. Furthermore, sharing Calendar events through links is only accessible for personal Google Accounts, not Workspace.

The default message is as follows:

Test event

  • Oct 3 • 10:30 – 11:30 AM • View details & RSVP  
  • For now, the update is not widely available yet, but soon the company will roll it out to all.


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