Google Announces Chromebook Plus Plans for 2024

Google ensures to provide its customers with the most intuitive and advanced experience that makes their professional as well as personal lives easier and more convenient. In contrast, the Chromebook Plus sports several interactive and productive features, including the built-in Google Photos app with the power of AI-induced Magic Eraser, which allows you to remove unwanted disturbance from your pictures easily, File Sync feature to easily access files, do more with graphically demanding projects like ones in the Adobe Photoshop on the web and Adobe Express Premium.

While introducing Chromebooks, Google has stated that the company will keep adding several new features to Chromebook Plus over time, which include bringing the power of Google’s AI capabilities directly into the ChromeOS. Moreover, Google has announced its plans for 2024 regarding its highly advanced AI-powered Chromebook Plus.

Writing will be easier with the power of Google AI:

It will be easier to draft and refine short-form content across websites you visit on your Chromebook Plus. In other words, writing on Chromebook-Plus is easy with the power of Google AI with just a right-click, and you can polish or add some witty words, whether you are writing a restaurant review, a social media post, or a YouTube video description.

Personalize your wallpapers using Generative AI:

Google is working on inducing image generation capabilities to its Chromebook Plus, including personalization capabilities in the ChromeOS’ settings menu, such as generating custom wallpapers using template text prompts.

Add AI-powered Backgrounds to your video calls:

Furthermore, Google is also working and planning on bringing advanced generative AI backgrounds to your video calls, too, in your Chromebook-Plus. In contrast, in the future, you will be able to add AI-based backgrounds to your video calls. To do that, you will be required to adjust once in your video call control panel, and it will automatically work on any application that you use to make video calls on your Chromebook Plus.


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