Features Of OxygenOS 14 Hexagon keyboard Pro

Users of OnePlus devices are anticipating significant improvements in the next version of OxygenOS. Meanwhile, we have more exciting news to share: the unique capabilities of the Hexagon Keyboard Pro for the OnePlus OxygenOS 14, which is based on Android 14. This is not Android 14’s default keyboard. I meant it as a joke.

OnePlus beta-tested its latest and greatest with the release of OxygenOS 14 (Android 14). One is a new Hexagon layout keyboard that uses 70% larger keys and is based on Fitts’ law to help you type more quickly and accurately.

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You can type 33 percent faster using just two thumbs on this keyboard, which features two space bars. In addition, you can erase an entire letter by swiping your finger quickly to the left across the keyboard. Let’s have a look at the OxygenOS 14 Pro Features for the Hexagon Keyboard.

Hexagon Keyboard Pro Features:

Type in Multiple Languages: This brand-new keyboard understands what language you type in and adjust auto-correction and text prediction to the appropriate language.

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Get personalized Text Predictions: The system learns how you type and makes even better text predictions.

Swipe down to undo Auto-Correction: With this new keyboard, you can Undo AutoCorrect by swiping anywhere on the keyboard.

Adjust key vibration: Activate key vibration when you press a key and adjust its intensity to your desired level.

Space button resizes: Of this keyboard Space button is too small for your fingers, so you can make them bigger.

Perform text replacement: You can create shortcuts that will automatically be replaced by phrases as you type them.

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More features:

  • Dialect Support
  • Tablet Mode
  • Font Size
  • Enjoy colorful themes:
  • Key Layout
  • Go back to letters after the space
  • Hold Duration
  • Horizontal Swipe Length
  • Vertical Swipe Length



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