Facebook Messenger Drops SMS Support in September

The redesigned Facebook Messenger, created by Meta and released in 2010, has native iOS and Android apps. On Android, users now have the option of using Facebook or Messenger in place of the default SMS app. However, the company has decided to end this service as of next month.

If reports are to be believed, users who previously relied on Facebook Messenger for SMS and MMS instead of Google or Samsung Messages will no longer be able to do so after the September 28, 2023 deadline, when their cellular network will begin sending messages via Google or Samsung Messages.

Like Google’s app, Meta allows users to have alerts sent to their phone’s default messaging app. Users will still be able to use their cellular network to send and receive SMS messages, and they will be able to access their SMS message history by using the default messaging app on their devices.

Those who wish to do so can do so by following these instructions: in the Settings app, navigate to the Apps tab, then the Default Apps tab, and finally to the SMS app.

In 2012, Facebook Messenger added SMS support for its users, but the feature was removed the following year. In 2016, it made another valiant effort to use SMS in isolation from Web-based communication. and the corporation provided purple-themed variations on these garments.


While RCS support for third-party SMS apps is not a major topic of conversation right now, it is necessary. However, Google has improved the Android user experience by making the Messaging facility a core component. But carriers and original equipment manufacturers have also generally accepted Messages as the default.



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