European Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300 supports 2K night color vision

In September of last year, Xiaomi introduced the Outdoor Camera AW300 to the Chinese market. The surveillance camera has been released to the European market.

The Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300 is a high-definition, weatherproof security camera packed with smart features. The two white lights are extremely powerful, and the two infrared lights allow for smart, full-color night vision. When the camera senses motion, it turns on the white lights to illuminate the area.

The AW300’s ability to promptly notify the user’s mobile phone upon detecting changes in the captured image or upon detecting movement within the defined electronic fence area is one of its primary features. It’s so advanced that it can detect the motion of cars and electric vehicles. When someone breaches the electronic perimeter, the camera can sound an alarm and flash at a very high frequency.

European Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300 supports 2K night color vision

The camera has powerful speakers and high-quality microphones for clear two-way audio with field workers. The far-field pickup range of 7 meters enables two-way, real-time voice communication. The MIJIA app supports up to four channels at once, allowing users to view multiple camera feeds at once.

The AW300 is equipped with dustproof and waterproof IP66 technology, making it suitable for use in any environment. It has a wide temperature range of operation, performing effectively between -30 degrees Celsius and 60 degrees Celsius.

European Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300 supports 2K night color vision

The camera’s wireless connectivity can be improved with the help of the included external Wi-Fi antenna. For safe data transfer, it uses MIJIA’s security chip and AES128 encryption. The AW300 employs highly efficient and high-quality H.265 video encoding technology. It allows for recordings to be saved to either local or cloud storage.

Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300 Price

During its launch period, the Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300 can be purchased in France and Germany for €59.99. In the near future, the price will settle at €69.99.


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