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Download Tecno USB Driver (All Models)

Download Tecno USB drivers; we’ve managed to share the official USB driver for all Tecno devices on this list. This page will assist you in finding the USB driver for your device if you were looking for one.

There are two types of USB drivers for a device: Mediatek Driver and ADB Driver. The ADB Driver can be used to establish a connection between the smartphone and the computer, and the Mediatek Driver is compatible with all Mediatek Flash Tools.

Tecno Mediatek & ADB Driver

The Mediatek Driver can be used with the SP Flash Tool, MTK Flash Tool, SP MDT Tool, and SN Write Tool to load Stock or Custom firmware (ROM) on the device.

Mediatek Driver Name: Mediatek_Driver_Auto_Installer_v1.1352.zip

Mediatek Driver Size: 9.56 MB

ADB Drive Name: usb_driver_r13-windows.zip

ADB Driver Size: 8.27 MB

Download Tecno USB Driver for all Models

Model NameMTK DriverADB Driver
Tecno 7CDriverDriver
Tecno 7C ProDriverDriver
Tecno 7CSDriverDriver
Tecno 8HDriverDriver
Tecno A6DriverDriver
Tecno A7 Phantom ZDriverDriver
Tecno A7SDriverDriver
Tecno A9DriverDriver
Tecno AB7DriverDriver
Tecno AL58DriverDriver
Tecno B1FDriverDriver
Tecno B1PDriverDriver
Tecno B1p F8017AB GODriverDriver
Tecno B1p F8017C GODriverDriver
Tecno B3DriverDriver
Tecno B6SDriverDriver
Tecno BA2DriverDriver
Tecno Boom J5DriverDriver
Tecno Boom J8DriverDriver
Tecno C8DriverDriver
Tecno C9 PlusDriverDriver
Tecno C9 ProDriverDriver
Tecno Camon 11DriverDriver
Tecno Camon 11 CB7DriverDriver
Tecno Camon 11 CF7DriverDriver
Tecno Camon 11 ProDriverDriver
Tecno Camon 11 Pro CF8DriverDriver
Tecno Camon 11SDriverDriver
Tecno Camon 12DriverDriver
Tecno Camon 12 AirDriverDriver
Tecno Camon 12 CC7DriverDriver
Tecno Camon 12 ProDriverDriver
Tecno Camon 15DriverDriver
Tecno Camon 15 AirDriverDriver
Tecno Camon 15 ProDriverDriver
Tecno Camon 15 Pro CD8DriverDriver
Tecno Camon 15 PremierDriverDriver
Tecno Camon C5DriverDriver
Tecno Camon C7DriverDriver
Tecno Camon C8DriverDriver
Tecno Camon C9DriverDriver
Tecno Camon C9 PlusDriverDriver
Tecno Camon CA6DriverDriver
Tecno Camon CMDriverDriver
Tecno Camon CM CA6DriverDriver
Tecno Camon CM CA6SDriverDriver
Tecno Camon CXDriverDriver
Tecno Camon CX AirDriverDriver
Tecno Camon CX H501DriverDriver
Tecno Camon CX PlusDriverDriver
Tecno Camon CXSDriverDriver
Tecno Camon IDriverDriver
Tecno Camon i4DriverDriver
Tecno Camon i4 2GBDriverDriver
Tecno Camon i AceDriverDriver
Tecno Camon i Ace2DriverDriver
Tecno Camon i Ace2xDriverDriver
Tecno Camon i AirDriverDriver
Tecno Camon I Air 2 Plus ID3kbDriverDriver
Tecno Camon i ClickDriverDriver
Tecno Camon i Click2DriverDriver
Tecno Camon i SkyDriverDriver
Tecno Camon i Sky 2DriverDriver
Tecno Camon i Sky 3DriverDriver
Tecno Camon i TwinDriverDriver
Tecno Camon i2DriverDriver
Tecno Camon i2 ID5aDriverDriver
Tecno Camon i2xDriverDriver
Tecno Camon i2X ID5bDriverDriver
Tecno Camon i4 CB7DriverDriver
Tecno Camon i4 CB7JDriverDriver
Tecno Camon iAce 2DriverDriver
Tecno Camon iAce 2 KB2DriverDriver
Tecno Camon iAce 2XDriverDriver
Tecno Camon iAce 2X KB2JDriverDriver
Tecno Camon iAce IN1DriverDriver
Tecno Camon iAce IN1 ProDriverDriver
Tecno Camon iAir 2 PlusDriverDriver
Tecno Camon iAir 2 Plus ID3KDriverDriver
Tecno Camon iAir IN3DriverDriver
Tecno Camon iAir2 PlusDriverDriver
Tecno Camon iClick 2DriverDriver
Tecno Camon iClick 2 ID6DriverDriver
Tecno Camon iClick IN6DriverDriver
Tecno Camon ID3VDriverDriver
Tecno Camon ID5ADriverDriver
Tecno Camon ID5BDriverDriver
Tecno Camon IN1DriverDriver
Tecno Camon IN5DriverDriver
Tecno Camon iSky 2 IN1 ProDriverDriver
Tecno Camon iSky 3 KB3DriverDriver
Tecno Camon iTwin IA5DriverDriver
Tecno CA7DriverDriver
Tecno Camon XDriverDriver
Tecno Camon X CA7DriverDriver
Tecno Camon X ProDriverDriver
Tecno Camon X Pro CA8DriverDriver
Tecno Camon X688DriverDriver
Tecno CB7JDriverDriver
Tecno CC6DriverDriver
Tecno CC9DriverDriver
Tecno CD7DriverDriver
Tecno CD8DriverDriver
Tecno CF7KDriverDriver
Tecno CX AirDriverDriver
Tecno D1DriverDriver
Tecno D3DriverDriver
Tecno D5DriverDriver
Tecno D7DriverDriver
Tecno D9DriverDriver
Tecno DP10ADriverDriver
Tecno Droidpad 8DDriverDriver
Tecno F1DriverDriver
Tecno F2DriverDriver
Tecno F2 LTEDriverDriver
Tecno F3DriverDriver
Tecno F3 ProDriverDriver
Tecno F4DriverDriver
Tecno F4 ProDriverDriver
Tecno F5DriverDriver
Tecno F6DriverDriver
Tecno F7DriverDriver
Tecno F7 Phantom ADriverDriver
Tecno F7CSDriverDriver
Tecno F8DriverDriver
Tecno G9DriverDriver
Tecno H3DriverDriver
Tecno H5DriverDriver
Tecno H6DriverDriver
Tecno H7DriverDriver
Tecno H7 PlusDriverDriver
Tecno H7SDriverDriver
Tecno i3DriverDriver
Tecno i3 ProDriverDriver
Tecno i5DriverDriver
Tecno i5 ProDriverDriver
Tecno i7DriverDriver
Tecno iA5 INDriverDriver
Tecno iClick IN6DriverDriver
Tecno IN1DriverDriver
Tecno IN1 ProDriverDriver
Tecno IN2DriverDriver
Tecno IN5DriverDriver
Tecno IN6DriverDriver
Tecno J7DriverDriver
Tecno K7DriverDriver
Tecno K8DriverDriver
Tecno K9DriverDriver
Tecno KA6DriverDriver
Tecno KB2HDriverDriver
Tecno KC3DriverDriver
Tecno L3DriverDriver
Tecno L5DriverDriver
Tecno L6DriverDriver
Tecno L7DriverDriver
Tecno L8DriverDriver
Tecno L8 LiteDriverDriver
Tecno L8 PlusDriverDriver
Tecno L9 PlusDriverDriver
Tecno L968DriverDriver
Tecno LB7DriverDriver
Tecno LC6ADriverDriver
Tecno M3DriverDriver
Tecno M3SDriverDriver
Tecno M5DriverDriver
Tecno M6DriverDriver
Tecno M6sDriverDriver
Tecno M7DriverDriver
Tecno M9DriverDriver
Tecno N2DriverDriver
Tecno N2SDriverDriver
Tecno N3DriverDriver
Tecno N5sDriverDriver
Tecno N7DriverDriver
Tecno N8DriverDriver
Tecno N8SDriverDriver
Tecno N9DriverDriver
Tecno N9SDriverDriver
Tecno ORADriverDriver
Tecno Orange Rise 32DriverDriver
Tecno P3DriverDriver
Tecno P3 EtisalatDriverDriver
Tecno P3sDriverDriver
Tecno P5DriverDriver
Tecno P5 PlusDriverDriver
Tecno P5SDriverDriver
Tecno P6DriverDriver
Tecno P9DriverDriver
Tecno P701DriverDriver
Tecno P702ADriverDriver
Tecno P703DriverDriver
Tecno Phantom 5DriverDriver
Tecno Phantom 5SDriverDriver
Tecno Phantom 6DriverDrive
Tecno Phantom 6 PlusDriverDriver
Tecno Phantom 6SDriverDriver
Tecno Phantom 8DriverDriver
Tecno Phantom 8 AX8DriverDriver
Tecno Phantom 8S AX8SDriverDriver
Tecno Phantom 9DriverDriver
Tecno Phantom Z MiniDriverDrive
Tecno Phantom Z Mini G870DriverDriver
Tecno Phonepad 7EDriverDriver
Tecno Phonepad 7II PP7E-DLA1DriverDriver
Tecno Pop 1DriverDriver
Tecno Pop 1 ProDriverDriver
Tecno Pop 1SDriverDriver
Tecno Pop 1S ProDriverDriver
Tecno Pop 2DriverDriver
Tecno Pop 2 B1DriverDriver
Tecno Pop 2 B1SDriverDriver
Tecno Pop 2 PowerDriverDriver
Tecno Pop 2 ProDriverDriver
Tecno Pop 2 PlusDriverDriver
Tecno Pop 2 Pro B2DriverDriver
Tecno Pop 2FDriverDriver
Tecno Pop 2SDriverDriver
Tecno Pop 2S ProDriverDriver
Tecno Pop 3DriverDriver
Tecno Pop 3 PlusDriverDriver
Tecno Pop 3 BB2DriverDriver
Tecno Pouvoir 1DriverDriver
Tecno Pouvoir 1 LA6DriverDriver
Tecno Pouvoir 2DriverDriver
Tecno Pouvoir 2 Air LB6DriverDriver
Tecno Pouvoir 2 LA7DriverDriver
Tecno Pouvoir 2 LA7 ProDriverDriver
Tecno Pouvoir 2 ProDriverDriver
Tecno Pouvoir 3DriverDriver
Tecno Pouvoir 3 AirDriverDriver
Tecno Pouvoir 3 Air LC6DriverDriver
Tecno Pouvoir 3 PlusDriverDriver
Tecno Pouvoir 3 Plus LB8DriverDriver
Tecno Pouvoir 3 Plus LB8ADriverDriver
Tecno Pouvoir 4 LC7DriverDriver
Tecno Pouvoir 4 ProDriverDriver
Tecno Power Max L9DriverDriver
Tecno Q1DriverDriver
Tecno R5DriverDriver
Tecno R6DriverDriver
Tecno R7DriverDriver
Tecno RA6DriverDriver
Tecno RA7DriverDriver
Tecno S1E ProDriverDriver
Tecno S1MDriverDriver
Tecno S1SDriverDriver
Tecno S3DriverDriver
Tecno S5DriverDriver
Tecno S6DriverDriver
Tecno S7DriverDriver
Tecno S9DriverDriver
Tecno S9SDriverDriver
Tecno SA1S ProDriverDriver
Tecno SA2SDriverDriver
Tecno SA3DriverDriver
Tecno SA6SDriverDriver
Tecno SparkDriverDriver
Tecno Spark 2DriverDriver
Tecno Spark 2 Go EditionDriverDriver
Tecno Spark 2 KA7DriverDriver
Tecno Spark 2 KA7ODriverDriver
Tecno Spark 3DriverDriver
Tecno Spark 3 1GBDriverDriver
Tecno Spark 3 KB7DriverDriver
Tecno Spark 3 KB7JDriverDriver
Tecno Spark 3 ProDriverDriver
Tecno Spark 3 Pro KB8DriverDriver
Tecno Spark 4 Air KC1JDriverDriver
Tecno Spark 4 Air KC6DriverDriver
Tecno Spark 4 KC2DriverDriver
Tecno Spark 4 KC2JDriverDriver
Tecno Spark 4 KC8DriverDriver
Tecno Spark 4 Lite BB4KDriverDriver
Tecno Spark 5DriverDriver
Tecno Spark 5 AirDriverDriver
Tecno Spark 5 Air KD6ADriverDriver
Tecno Spark 5 ProDriverDriver
Tecno Spark 6 KE6DriverDriver
Tecno Spark CMDriverDriver
Tecno Spark GoDriverDriver
Tecno Spark Go KC1DriverDriver
Tecno Spark Go KC1HDriverDriver
Tecno Spark PlusDriverDriver
Tecno Spark Plus K9DriverDriver
Tecno Spark Power 2DriverDriver
Tecno Spark ProDriverDriver
Tecno Spark Pro K8DriverDriver
Tecno T1DriverDriver
Tecno T301DriverDriver
Tecno T474DriverDriver
Tecno T528DriverDriver
Tecno T818DriverDriver
Tecno W1DriverDriver
Tecno W2DriverDriver
Tecno W3DriverDriver
Tecno W3 LTEDriverDriver
Tecno W3 PlusDriverDriver
Tecno W3 ProDriverDriver
Tecno W4DriverDriver
Tecno W5DriverDriver
Tecno W5 LiteDriverDriver
Tecno WinPad 2DriverDriver
Tecno WX3DriverDriver
Tecno WX3 LTEDriverDriver
Tecno WX3F LTEDriverDriver
Tecno WX3PDriverDriver
Tecno WX4DriverDriver
Tecno WX4 ProDriverDriver
Tecno Y2DriverDriver
Tecno Y3DriverDriver
Tecno Y3SDriverDriver
Tecno Y4DriverDriver
Tecno Y5DriverDriver
Tecno Y5SDriverDriver
Tecno Y6DriverDriver

Readme Once:

[*] Tecno Firmware: If you are looking for Stock Firmware for your Tecno Device, then head over to the Tecno Stock Firmware page.

[*] Compatibility: The above drivers can be used on PC only, you can easily connect your Tecno Smartphones and Tablets to the Windows computer only.

[*] Driver Signature Error: If you are facing Driver Signature Error While installing the USB Driver, then head over to the How to Fix Driver Signature Error page.

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