Want to get your hands on the Realme UI 3.0 wallpapers? Here are the full-resolution Realme UI 3.0 Stock Wallpapers. Now is the time to get it!

Realme just revealed it’s Android 12-based Realme UI 3.0 custom skin a few days ago. The deployment schedule for eligible phones has also been released by the firm. And a recruiting effort for the Realme GT 5G smartphone has already begun. Realme UI 3.0 includes a few design tweaks, 3D icons, new widgets, Omoji, AI Smooth Engine, Privacy features, and more to Realme’s newest skin. Aside from that, Realme UI 3.0 comes with a set of stunning stock wallpapers. Here you may get full-resolution Realme UI 3.0 wallpapers.

Realme UI 3.0 – Features

Realme UI 3.0 is now available for a large number of Realme phones. Before we get into the wallpapers, let’s have a look at the Realme UI 3.0 additions and updates. Starting with the user interface, the new skin features Fluid Space Design UI. It also got new widgets and dynamic theming from Android 12. Aside from that, the skin has shadowed 3D acrylic icons. Realme used Spacial Layout Interface to redesign the Settings app’s user interface.

Featuring the revised AOD, Realme UI 3.0 becomes official, with a few customizing possibilities. The new Phone Manager 2.0 is included with the newest skin. With its Android 12-based Realme UI 3.0 skin, Realme debuted the AI smooth engine. The AI engine cuts power consumption by 12%, improves app startup time by 13%, and reduces memory usage by 30%. Aside from that, there are some additional privacy control options, such as the ability to choose whether the app uses the camera or the microphone.

Realme, Oppo‘s younger brother, has revealed the Realme UI 3.0 deployment timetable, which is based on Android 12. The Realme GT 5G was the first phone to get the new skin through a limited beta test. You may go to this website to see the full list of phones that are eligible. Now we’ll look at the Realme UI 3.0 wallpapers.

Realme UI 3.0 Wallpapers

Realme’s sister Oppo coupled its ColorOS 12 skin with a slew of new wallpapers, and the Realme UI 3.0 skin is no exception, featuring a dozen new wallpapers. In terms of statistics, the Android 12-based Realme UI 3.0 has fifteen attractive stock wallpapers. The wallpapers in this collection are simple, 3D, and abstract. All of these wallpapers have a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels, so there’s no need to be concerned about image quality. Here are some low-resolution preview photographs; high-resolution images can be downloaded in the following section.

Note: The photos below are simply for representational purposes and are not the actual wallpapers. Don’t download from pictures because the Sample isn’t in original quality. Use the link in the download section below to get started.

Realme UI 3.0 Stock Wallpapers – Sample

Download Realme UI 3.0 Wallpapers

Google Drive folder

Google Photos Library

After the wallpaper has been downloaded, go to the downloads folder and select the wallpaper you wish to use on your smartphone’s home or lock screen. To set the wallpaper, open it and then press the three-dots menu symbol. That is all there is to it.

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