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Download iPhone 12 Pro 20 Best Dark Wallpapers

Hello, there this is Malachi and today I have something very interesting for you. In today’s article, you will be able to Download iPhone 12 Pro 20 Best Dark Wallpapers, We have made sure to provide the HD quality that was extracted from the parent smartphone, The iPhone 12 Pro 20 Best Dark Wallpapers on this page have not lost any pixels during extraction.

The wallpapers on this page have been optimized for the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone 11 series, and iPhone 12 series. You’ll be glad to know that you can download these images for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro in 1170 X 2532 pixels resolution. This time, the collection has a number of different wallpapers including the AMOLED walls, abstract, 3D, colorful, and gradient wallpapers as well. You’ll love using these wallpapers on your iPhone 12’s home screen or lock screen.

Dark Wallpapers for iPhone 12 lineup

If you love using your iPhone in Dark Mode, then you’ll love decorating your iPhone’s home screen with the below-listed dark wallpapers. All the below-listed images are sourced from r/Amoledbackgrounds, this subreddit has a huge collection of new and impressive wallpapers. And for this article, I select twenty aesthetic wallpapers which you can use on your iPhone. Below we attach the preview images, which you can check the preview before downloading the high-resolution images.

Below are a few samples added to give the idea of what the iPhone 12 Pro 20 Best Dark Wallpapers look like:

iPhone 12 Pro 20 Best Dark Wallpapers – Preview

Download iPhone 12 Pro 20 Best Dark Wallpapers

The gallery has twenty dark wallpapers. We’ll add more wallpapers in its future to this album. You can use this wallpaper on your iPhone’s home screen or lock screen. Here we attach the direct link to Google Drive, by which you can easily download this wallpaper in its full resolution.

If you’re using the iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 and looking for some gorgeous-looking wallpapers, then make sure to check these iPhone 11 wallpapers and iPhone 12 wallpapers.

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[*] Compatibility: The above iPhone 12 Pro 20 Best Dark Wallpapers can work for all Android smartphones out there no matter the Spec.

[*] Android Stock Firmware: If you are looking for the original firmware for your device, then head over to our Android Stock Firmware page.


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