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Download Google Camera 7.3 for Samsung Galaxy M32 5G

Hello there, how are things going for you today? I hope you’re enjoying your day! On this page, you can Download Google Camera for Samsung Galaxy M32 5G. The google camera in this post was retrieved from a reliable source, and it is bug-free and simple to download and install.

The Galaxy M32 and M32 5G are two of the greatest mid-range choices available. And, of course, the camera is one of the most notable features of both devices. The standard Galaxy M32 has a 64MP Quad Bayer sensor, whereas the Galaxy M32 5G has a 48MP sensor. Naturally, the business had to make certain concessions in order to provide 5G connection to the affordable market. The smartphone still takes great pictures, but if you want mind-blowing quality, you may sideload the GCam software. Download Google Camera for Samsung Galaxy M32 & M32 5G from this page.

Google Camera for Samsung Galaxy M32 5G [Best GCam]

The 5G version is equipped with Samsung’s S5KGM2 sensor, also known as the ISOCELL Bright GM sensor. To capture full 48MP pictures, it employs a Tetrapixel architecture. While the standard Galaxy M32 gets a 64MP sensor, it also uses Tetrapixel technology to take high-resolution images. Samsung’s latest One UI 3.1 camera software is available in both Galaxy M32 and Galaxy M32 5G versions, and it comes with a variety of shooting options. You may also utilize the Google Camera on your smartphone, as previously suggested.

Both phones in the Galaxy M32 range are powered by MediaTek’s Helio G-series processor. Only a few GCam ports are compatible with the Galaxy M32 and M32 5G smartphones. After some investigation, we discovered that the GCam Go is entirely compatible with the M32 line, while the GCam 7.3 is only partially functional, and the most recent GCam 8.1 is not supported at all. Here’s how to get the Google Camera app on your Samsung Galaxy M32 and M32 5G.

Download Google Camera for Samsung Galaxy M32 & M32 5G

Users of the Galaxy M32 (4G & 5G) may now sideload the GCam app to have access to features including Night Mode, Face Enhancement, Portrait, Video, Translation, HDR, and more. Wichaya’s Pixel 4 camera app and Arnova8G2’s Arnova8G2’s Arnova8G2’s Arnova8G2’s Arnova8G2’s Arnova8G2’s Arnova8G2’s Arnova8G2’s Arnova You may use the GCam Go for night mode pictures, while the GCam 7.3 can be sideloaded on your mobile for regular shots. The app’s download links are shown below.

Help sure to get the appropriate settings configuration file from the following section before sideloading the program. This will make the software (Pixel Camera app aka Google Camera mod port APK) run more smoothly on your Samsung Galaxy M32 & M32 5G.

Recommended Settings:

For GCam_5.200604.2138build-7.3.021.apk

  1. To begin, download this config file to your smartphone.
  2. Create a new folder with the name GCam.
  3. Create a new folder called configs7 in the GCam folder.
  4. Now copy the config file and put it into the configs7 folder.
  5. Open the Google Camera app and double press on the black blank space adjacent to the shutter button once it’s done.
  6. Tap on the settings shown (with config-m32.xml), available in the popup & press the restore button.
  7. Go back to the app drawer and then open the app again.
Note: Make sure to remove the older version of the Gcam Mod ported software before installing the new one. Because this is a beta version of Google Camera, it may include bugs.

There are no modifications required in the newest GCam 8.1 mod version, however, you can make some adjustments in the settings section to suit your needs.


So, get your Samsung Galaxy M32 and start taking realistic and stunning photos.

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